megawatts wasted - because power management sucks !!!

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    megawatts wasted - because power management sucks !!!

    2020 and Windows can't even change power profile automatically, based on application detection.

    Who is gonna change that manually ??? Noone... While during gaming you need cpu at c0 state ideally, than after you done you want quieter fans and power saving. There are ways to do it, but it either doesn't work right, or it is obnoxious, or programs doesn't detect all power profiles and what not... Process Lasso can change it on application launch, but cannot restore it back, after app is closed, which is idiotic...

    So it is not that easy, or not many people bothered to make good program, i didn't find even one decent... And who is gonna make own program to do that, not many people have knowledge, or time, or care... Literally noone is going to solve this crap... People just leave it on one setting and bye. Also i don't know if you overclocking, you can turn all power saving features off through windows. People usually disable power saving feature in bios in when overclocking.

    Windows have on by default dynamic tick, but that cause mouse accelerate gamers turn that sh1t off... There should be application detection built in windows and it would be easy.

    There was actually article, that claims megawatts are wasted simply, because resolution is timer forced 0.5 ms all times, by chrome in this case, applications like pc games can adjust that, even if you have dynamic tick on (that only allows it to change dynamically), but applications can still take control. There is no program, which can change that automatically based on application detection as i know. So software devs and users could adjust it. And doing it manually is annoying and sometimes it's buggy, once you set 0.5 ms, you can't go above 1ms. Because while you not doing anything, which requires performance, it should be set on 15.6ms, which is slowest. Even timer resolution 0.5ms vs 15.6ms - showed like 5w~ difference in intel power gadget.

    So meanwhile earth is getting hotter and we are gonna die probably, but whatever... Most people don't care i think, because you can't do much, so they are complacent... Conservatives and goverment didn't even belive it recently, or still don't. And fossil fuel companies lobbying in america, so they can get even more rich, which is pointless... And make nothing matter, because lobbying is legal in america go figure...

    It would be really simple to implement it by corporation like microsoft, but they don't care, they care only about money and after they die, they don't care what will become of the world... It is kinda mind boggling, how long it could take microsoft to do that, like 1 hour ? It is not that difficult. It is that simple, just make application detection and let user make priorities, what takes priority and set user values and yet for software devs, so by default it can set value it needs to work properly, but let user override it with warning e.g..

    I know computers are getting much more efficient in terms of power consumption, but hardware prices were kinda inflated, because of memory cost and prices got much higher, of gpu e.g. And still a lot of people use ancient hardware !!! OR !!! - hahaha, hardware manufacturers like nvidia, recommends 650w psu, for geforce 2070, which is fine with 550w psu and there are calculators, so people buy more expensive psu and electricity companies and psu companies make more money, which is kinda disgusting, but it is whatever... And don't even get me started on intel...
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    No offense intended, but in that rant, it didn't sound like you actually had a question.

    However, I still feel compelled to point out that your conclusions are largely incorrect. Windows automatically works with the hardware to throttle back power usage when there is no intensive work being performed, and performance is increased when a given load demands it. I monitor the power usage of my computer in real time and I can tell you that my computer just sips power very lightly when not under load and only uses peak power when needed.

    Morever, a quick search in your favorite search engine will reveal that there are a number of third party apps that will allow you to customize this behavior yet further.
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    That is supposed you have enabled power saving features in bios (which overclockers disable) and you using power plan, which allows to lower cpu frequency. And if you are gamer, you probably put that to ultimate performance and forget about it. That's why i said windows should have application detection so, for games it switches to ultimate and in windows to balanced. Because no one will do that manually.

    I use ultimate performance mode in game e.g. and in windows i want balanced, which parks cores and allows lower cpu freq to reduce fan speed and save power. In ultimate mode i have enabled - disable idle saver, that means that cpu runs at c0 state and 100% of clock all times, that is like 75w tdp. Which would be inefficient to keep it in this state at all times. Gamers probably will use this, as it reduces input lag and improve performance, also if you overclock, you wanna keep voltage stable.

    Intel power gadget shows 10w in balanced and in ultimate 40w.

    So yes there is massive difference , even timer resolution itself can waste megawatts on global scale and using high performance profile all times even more.
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