MY PC sucks

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    MY PC sucks

    I realize this is about hardware so not sure where to post this but here it goes. So I got this dell laptop a while ago and it is slow as hell. It is

    inter core i7 2.5 GHz or something and it says upto 3.9GHz so I am assuming it can be overclocked about that much.
    8 GB Ram
    Intel(R) Iris Plus Graphics wi th shared graphics memory and I can watch 4k vids on it.
    Comes with a year of mcafee subscription.
    And has windows 10 home 64 bit operating system.

    So those are the specs and it is slow as hell. This is my first time on windows 10 and it is not bad but do I need 12 or 16GB of ram for the system to run fast?

    Dell didn't send a windows 10 installation usb or something as well so I could reinstall everything and get rid of all the bloatware. This laptop doesn't have a dvd/cd drive so I am assuming that technology is obsolete now.

    Also when I send the pc to sleep. It wakes up sometimes by itself or if I touch the keyboard it wakes up too. I talked to dell and they told me to update the bios. I updated the bios from dell's website and it hasn't solved the problem.

    Also the fan is beneath the laptop so my lap gets pretty warm when I use it. And putting the mouse into usb port or putting the earphone into the earphone jack/port is so hard and I have to force it in.

    So it is slow and I am not impressed.

    I have been using the laptop for just about a week or so and I am not sure whether to send it back and buy another one with 16GB of ram. But that would be a big hassle and I don't want to do it.

    Should I just call dell to send me a windows 10 USB so I could reinstall everything from scratch and hopefully that would make it a bit faster or what? I think if i get a 16GB system it would be the same since windows 10 is so heavy.

    I am new to windows 10 and I could disable some services which are not necessary but I haven't tried a tutorial online to suggest which services to disable but I am not sure if that is going to solve things. All in all it is slow and I am not impressed.

    I bought this laptop for about $900 canadian dollar which is about $700 US and I thought it wouldn't be so bad. But the design and everything is so cheap looking and the usb ports are so hard to plug usb devices and same with earhphone jack. So I am not impressed at all.

    Should I reinstall windows or send it back(which I don't want since it would be a hassle) or else what should I do?
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    @rep97 -

    Welcome to Windows Ten Forums!

    Even if the laptop has an HDD installed it shouldn't as slow as you picture it.
    The quick way is to backup all of your data and reinstall W10 - from Dell.

    There are a few ways to do this - I suggest a clean install.

    See here -

    Make sure that you know your Service Tag (should be on the bottom of the laptop) and disconnect any devices attached to the USB ports before you begin.

    This section: Reinstall Windows 10 to the Dell factory image using the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE)

    Be patient. Hope this helps you.

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    Should have ordered it with a SSD!
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    Sorry for your disappointment. A few thoughts --

    1. Can you go to YouTube and find a video review of this exact laptop in action? A good reviewer will give you a sense of the speed and you'll have something to compare to.

    2. A laptop should work fine with 8GBs of RAM and an i7 on most tasks. (I concur with Steve C that SSD is a must if speed concerns you.)

    3. IMO the temporary hassle of returning the unit will pale in comparison of living with a compromised system... a nuisance that will taunt you day to day.
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    Even if you decide to do a clean install of Windows 10, you should get rid of mcafee as it will slow down your system and it is not that good as a virus/malware protector. Just activate the built in Windows Defender and firewall which is much less invasive and a better all round defence!
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    You definitely should do a fresh install without all the bloatware. Uninstall McAfee. That will slow ya down as well. If you want to, go to Add/Remove Programs, and send me a screen shot of that entire list, and I will mark the one's that you can safely uninstall. I will also send you something to copy & paste into Powershell (Admin) that you can just paste and hit ENTER and it will uninstall all the bloatware apps
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    Yes it seems it doesn't have SSD. Instead it has 1 TB 5400 RPM 2.5-inch SATA Hard Drive.

    Btw @Compumind if I restore it to factory reset it would be the same with all the dell bloatware. This laptop doesn't havec a cd/dvd drive but I was thinking to do a fresh install minus the bloatware with a windows 10 usb or something.

    Also the start up of the system is very slow. And when I launch firefox it takes like 5 or more secs to start up. Pictures also load quite slow.

    So could the HDD be the reason behind all this slowness? Could SSD make all the difference because imo intel i7 and 8gb ram with a good graphics card should be enough for things to run fast.
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    With the cost of SSDs these days I don't know why laptop manufacturers continue to sell models with mechanical drives. If you've only been using the lappy "for about a week or so" you've got a long way to go before everything calms down. With 6 Month upgrades it becomes 2 Months of barely usable then 4 Months of usable enough before you repeat the cycle. To watch 4K video most people I know would recommend more RAM. And as stated above get rid of the Mcafee Virus.
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    5400RPM drives are slow and rather dated these days, does your laptop have easy access door to the drive so you could replace it?
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    Everybody always wants to jump to RAM first as an upgrade. That is the last thing on the list that will provide only a very small performance increase for most users.

    Here's how to get rid of the bloatware:
    Fresh Start Windows 10

    Here's how to make a recovery USB flash drive (be warned, the recovery USB flash drive takes hours to create using the built-in Windows 10 method, I don't know why):
    Create Recovery Drive in Windows 10

    The upgrade to an SSD will be the biggest improvement you see.
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