Hi I heard of there being an issue with permissions in a recent update of windows 10 I currently have 1909 and I have been having this strange issue on my internal HDD that I use for downloads and games.

Some videos will not open with certain video applications such as vidcoder a handbrake clone or other software. I noticed in mediainfo a program to view specifications or a video file that the paths were strange here is a example.

\?\D:\folder\file.mkv - also shows in windows file properties.

I have never seen this before and also noticed if I view the file properties the box for read only was greyed out it has since changed to a while box. I read a post online saying to change security properties for the drive and I gave user accounts full control so not sure if that fixed that issue but the path is still the same as above not sure how to fix this.

This is a recent problem in case people think I have a weird setup I have a laptop that I replaced the optical drive with a HDD and I use for downloads and games. The laptop had windows 7 when I upgraded the storage I put windows 10 pro 1803 clean install and have had no issues since.

Has anybody seen this files path issue before is it related to windows 10 file permissions? Cant really think of any other issues I have had I do remember that my laptop rebooted 3 times during 1909 update.

Thanks for the reply