Hi there,

I'm running Windows 10 Pro on my home desktop. I've got 3 monitors setup, two normal, and one TV via a USB video card with HDMI output.

My monitors are laid out as |3| |1| |2| with 1 being the primary 21 inch, 2 being a second 21 inch, and 3 being the TV.
Since 1 is set as the primary, I have the system tray on that monitor, in keeping with normal Windows conventions, I like to have all my icons on my primary monitor. For some reason, seemingly at random, Windows will move all my desktop icons to one of the other monitors, it seems to choose the destination at random.

I can manually pull the icons back to my primary, but it's a little frustrating. Also, I've had a couple instances where the taskbar on my primary monitor only shows the outline of the taskbar without any buttons, systray, or icons. The only way I can fix this is to either restart Windows Explorer or reboot the computer.

Does anyone have any ideas for these issues?