TechnoMage said:
I'm sitting here, in 95 degree FL weather, and I'm flabbergasted, That anyone on this forum, of the intellectual upper crust, would blow off their trusty and beloved Windows 7, for an untried OS such as Windows 10.
Cheers Mates!
Ah.. I stopped using WIn7 when Win8/Win8.1 came out. Why?? Well 8/8.1 were more to my liking, they were more secure and just faster. I used Classic Shell to get a nice start menu and it just did what I wanted it to do. Now with 10 I find that it's an OS that I just find much better than 7 or 8/8.1.

For me 7 was good and a stable OS but it was far from beloved. So, please from now on speak for yourself and don't include everyone in what you feel is your "trusty and beloved OS"..