Hi there

I installed a new 4 TB internal SATA HDD yesterday ( new data disk) -- Windows 10 prompted me immediately after W10 had booted (from an SSD) on boot up -- Uninitialized Disk select GUID / GPT or MBR.

For HDD's > 2TB you need GPT to use full size partition.

So I selected GPT - it then went through ritual create simple volume, format etc.

All worked 100%.

Installing large HDD's on previous systems -- had all sorts of Hassle.

For things like multi-media etc these large HDD's are great -- around 95 USD for 4TB -- can't be bad !!!!!

Also who says people are short of HDD space for backups -- with prices like these it's a no brainer for DATA storage.

(TWO FINGERS also to the Cloud - although YMMV I accept).