My desktop machine keeps waking itself up from hibernation, usually during the night, despite my having taken all reasonable steps to stop it. I have:
  • disabled waking on network, mouse and RTC in BIOS setup
  • disabled wake on mouse and network in device manager (and checked with powercfg -devicequery wake_armed)
  • disabled "allow wake timers" for all power plans

It doesn't however wake itself up from S5 (shutdown). I also tried leaving it in S3 sleep for over 24 hours and it didn't wake up, although that's not long enough to be certain that it never would.

Unfortunately my records in Event Viewer only go back a bit over a week to my upgrade to Windows 10, but I did notice a pattern in the first few days of waking at around 00:17 or 00:18 in the morning. Event Viewer suggested that this was due to mcupdate_scheduler, which was scheduled to run at 00:19, so I changed the trigger (following some instructions from Microsoft), but the next night the machine woke earlier, at 23:45. Unfortunately event viewer had no idea what caused that particular event. And today I have just run powercfg -waketimer and apparently there is a task \blah\blah\updateorchestrator\reboot which requires waking the machine just after 02:00 tomorrow morning. Clearly trying to change each individual trigger is a hopeless game of whack-a-mole which will sooner or later result in my wrecking something. How on earth can I stop my machine waking up?