Here is the quick explanation.

We have an in-house Apache website used for scheduling and other misc. office items . Apache has a feature where you can add a "dot" to the front of any file or folder name and it will not show up to the people accessing the website. But the person editing the site can see and work with the hidden files or Data until it is ready. Users write-up items that they are not ready to display and and then remove the dot when they are.

The process works very well for our needs and I was trying to make Life a little easier if i could add a couple of options to the Users' right click context menus named "Hide and UN-hide" which would use "rename" command (or other if there is a better way' to add or remove the leading "dot" for the desired effect. Manually renaming works but is clumsy as it highlights the whole file or folder name. Making sure you only change the leading "dot' is tricky at times. Being able to right click on the selected item and remove the first character if it is a dot - or add one if it isn't would be super easy.

I have added items to the my own right click option menu before ..but not lately ... and this time I think it will involved more than one aspect since it needs to work on both files and folders, I am not sure a single command would work on both as the context menus are different for files than they are for folders. Anyway, advice appreciated.
This will be used on Windows 10 x64 systems and I would rather do it as a registry edit if possible