boot loop - error code - system thread exception not handled

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    windows 10 pro

    boot loop - error code - system thread exception not handled

    i am using windows 10 from 1st of august by upgrading from win7ultimate,thought of clean install at a later time.
    after a day,the system stuttered while watching videos through vlc,or at youtube(maybe by just by watching),
    after some days the desktop seemed to be refreshing again and again at startup,last night after refreshing loop,pc restarted itself,attempting automatic repair and restarts or boots again and again and error shows that [system thread exception not handled] and is on a boot loop.
    tried to use through installaton by usb for repair or clean install but the same problem is seen there too,please tell me what to do?
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    Windows 10 Pro/Windows 7 Ultimate

    Damn my iPhone will go into a Bootloop, but my PCs, never. As with my iPhone, a regular PC might be prone to Kernel Panics, if something is misconfigured or data is not reading correctly by the system - That's why it keeps trying to repair itself. It may even be a hardware issue - Can you check your RAM? You may be able to do it through a Windows 7 or 8 install DVD.

    It could be errors on your hard drive as well, I still use Hiren's to check my disks from time to time, and that does not work with SSD's. But those are the two main areas to check, your Ram and your Hard Drive integrity. Barring Hiren's, you should be able to download a disk checking tool from your HD mfgr, run it on your main HD and if you do a full scan it usually repairs any bad sectors, chkdsk can't do it if the bad area is not on the partition being scanned.

    Actually that bit about the Desktop continuously refreshing makes me think it's your Hard Drive, you are gong to want to scan it with the manufacturer's tool, after that, then you scan it with CHKDSK (manually). If any errors are found, your system will run the auto repair one more time and then it should be good.
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    windows 10 pro
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    Used windows 7 recovery disc used the windows memory diagnostic tool ,it fixed the os and went in but refreshing problem persists
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    windows 10 pro
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    changed the theme to classic theme ,i think the themes causes the refreshing loop problem,going to do clean install,any suggestions?
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    Windows 10 Pro/Windows 7 Ultimate

    ark241092 said:
    changed the theme to classic theme ,i think the themes causes the refreshing loop problem,going to do clean install,any suggestions?
    Find out what make hard drive you got, go to their website and download any diagnostic tools they have. WD and Seagate both have good tools. Before you do anything, scan your whole drive for errors, I did not mean use the Install Disk to run that kind of check, you do that after checking your Drive Medium. Because it sounds like you have a bad block.

    Here, do this: Boot, then open Management Console to Event Viewer, and look through System events, if you have a bad block you'll see thousands of error messages about it. If you do, the only fix is to either buy a new HD or run the repair tool for that drive make on it.

    My suggested fix is to use Hiren's Boot CD cos it has all HD brands. but I don't know if that's an allowed tool, I mean in here. But it has all brands of hard drive repair tools, under "Dos Programs", just boot to it, choose Dos Programs, then Hard Drive Tools, and look for your brand HD, use the tool and do a full scan on the drive.

    There are memory testers on the disk too, that's the second reason this kind of stuff happens. If the system was updated from 7, it should not have any corrupted files, so I doubt if your Themes are causing this. I'm running Aero that adds DWM with no problems.
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    Windows 10

    Fixed this twice... magically.

    I've had this happen to me twice since i've upgraded to windows 10. The first time very soon after upgrade and the second tonite, almost 2 months later. The first time, i'm really not sure what i did to fix it. I didn't have a boot disc or usb; or another computer. Just my phone. Same this time except i made a boot disc after the first time. Still not sure if it works.
    Tonite after trying unsuccessfully to start in safe mode or troubleshooting or whatever, i finally just shut it off, unplugged everything, popped the battery out and back in and viola! Turned it back on and it started into troubleshooting thing. From there i did absolutely nothing because last time i didnt either. Just continued to windows 10 and it worked. Started slow but worked.
    I have amd mobility radeon hd 5x video card and they still dont have a 10 driver update. Heard it might be 3-6 months wait. Pretty ghetto fix but worth a shot for those of you failing at every try.
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    Windows 10 - 64 bit

    Happened to me last night. I was listening to music on iTunes and typing in MS Word when a loud static sound emitted through my speakers and then the PC went into the "Repairing Windows" loop. Nothing I could do for hours while I download a repair boot disk on a USB drive. Computer did not recognize my Lexar flash drive. I then burned a ISO DVD, (these being done on my laptop.) still no success getting the PC up and running again so I shut it down, pulled the plug and was about to order a new copy of windows 7 Pro (I have Home on my PC at this time) but before clicking on order I plugged the PC in again and hit the start button a to my surprise it booted normally.
    So does anyone else think this may have something to do with the "peer to peer" update Windows 10 supports?
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    Windows 10 Professional

    I saw some similar things with my PC. After upgrading from Windows 7 to 10, was getting BSOD, a lot of random stutter restarts, updates were going. Finally determined that my mobo storage driver was too old and not supported by the newest OS's. PC had been purchased and built for Vista, and so the drivers had only been supported up to Windows 7.

    Looking at OP's setup, limited resources available to support 10, plus I'm making an assumption that you have an older model machine that most likely just doesn't support Win8/10 driver set. I had to roll back to 7 in order for my machine to become usable, and then decided to build my own PC with newer supported hardware that would accommodate Windows 10 or later. That might be bad news, but it's something to work with.
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