So, I have finally got windows 10 installed and working when the start menu stops working. This would not be an issue because I installed windows classic shell right after except for the fact that I can't right click anything in the taskbar. I can right click the taskbar itself but not anything pinned there or currently opened.

I can't select my wifi connection except by going into the network and sharing center. to change the volume I need to right click the volume and open volume mixer.

I can't figure out what happened and when I boot from the install usb I created won't let me refresh the PC. It says that option is not available or something to that effect. If I could, I would like to just do a refresh and see if that fixes it but I can't figure out how.

Also when I go to taskbar and start menu properties it has three tabs: taskbar, navigation and toolbars. It does not have a start menu tab.