Every time Ive done a clean install, after the Welcome Screen appears, I always immediately get a Searching for Display driver notification popup saying screen resolution, performance and battery life may be reduced until a compatible driver has finished installing. The popup disappears from the screen and then sits in Notifications.
What are you supposed to do at that point? I always close the Welcome Screen down immediately. Then I leave my PC powered on for about an hour until I can see by the lights on my router that all the background downloading activity has finished. During this time and without any input from me the drivers for my Nvidia Graphics card are automatically downloaded and installed in the background without any issues along with chipset drivers and a few other things. However, when I open notifications again, the searching for display drivers notification hasn't disappeared even though my Nvidia drivers have been automatically installed correctly and are working properly (having checked Display adaptor in Device Manager to be absolutely certain). I always have to manually delete the searching for display drivers notification or it remains listed in my Notifications. I was expecting this popup to have removed itself from Notifications as soon as Windows had downloaded and installed the drivers for my Nvidia graphics card. Am I doing something wrong?