I am a big fan of pen input. When MS introduced pen input (back then in Win XP or an early version of Windows 7?) and I used it the first time I thought that MS had invented mind reading. The recognition was so good that it was even able to recognize gibberish that I had problems to decipher myself.
But since then it seems to me the handwriting reco has turned worse with every version or update of Windows!
  • where have the pen flicks gone? These used to be so handy and convenient!
  • Why can I not have the edit support buttons that appear when clicking on "..." in the hand writing panel stay on-screen. I am fine to sacrifice some screen real estate in favor of quicker access to these buttons.
  • The newest version of the reco obviously only recognizes words from some dictionary. If I try to enter other words or abbreviations then these are never correctly recognized. If I then try to correct such words (or single characters in them) then instead of changing a single character the reco will regularly replace the entire word with some completely different word that it seems to consider more likely or a better candidate. This regularly drives me going almost berserk. One can try to enter such a word 20 or more 30 times, it will not be correctly recognized and accepted! In the end I then always need to dig out the keyboard to overrule that stuid reco!
  • And don't get me going on lamenting about the difficulties one runs into when trying to handwrite in a mixture of two languages (English and German in my case). Such "pervert" attempts will endanger your mental sanity!

In short: from the way this works (or rather: doesn't work) it is quite obvious to me, that nobody at MS really uses or tests the Windows handwriting reco in every day usage. Or maybe all testers had by now all to be sent to hospitals to cure their mental damages they got from doing so. :-(