Windows 10: What are some of your most missed removed/scrapped features from past Windows versions?

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  1.    04 Jan 2014 #1

    I myself have two biggies, which I've managed to hack into File Explorer by using two seperate hacks, one a .dll which affects File Explorer, and one a re-write of XP's Windows Picture and Fax Viewer software.

    - Explorer7fixes.dll restores the 'sort columns' (name, date modified, type, size) in all 'view styles' (large icons, list, thumbnails). In Vista this was reduced to only showing in the details view. I love being able to view photos in large view, and quickly arrange them either in name order, or by date modified.

    - Windows7GifViewer restores the ability to see animated gifs actually animate in the familliar software. I like it because instead of opening a file in a third party image viewer, each seperately, I can browse through a folder of images simply by pressing the left and right keys. Having the animation returned to gif files is a great thing; and what's more is that if I am in 'slideshow' mode and press delete key then the picture is quickly deleted. This is a step up from the current step-down with Win8's Windows Photo Viewer, where it would kick me out of slideshow view and I would have to press the delete key a second time in order to delete the file.

    Now I know that some people love Longhorn's vision, even though I am not personally aware what is supposed to have been so special about it. Others love XP's 'filmstrip' viewing style. What are some of the things you miss that either MS has taken away in subsequent Windows releases, or which got left on the cutting room floor?
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  2.    09 Jan 2014 #2

    The thing(s) that were so special about Windows Longhorn is enough to make me reflect and be slightly sad as if it were executed correctly back in the year of 2003, computing as we know it would be HUGELY different today. The main thing was WinFS.

    That was actually in development on and off at Microsoft since the '90s but never made it into fruition.

    Have you ever used Windows 7's Library feature? That was based off Longhorn. There was supposed to be more of movement to C+ (I think) programming over the current method that would had been superior, but that never made it. I think of the Longhorn failure as a plane crash and even a decade later pieces of it are still being picked up and used. The latest one is in Windows 8.1 in This PC how user folders are displayed right there with your hard drives and such. Longhorn, except I think it had the Libraries instead of user folder.

    The thing that makes Windows 8 so special is that it's the closest thing to Longhorn that's made it. Things like no Aero border padding around open windows on the Desktop, Longhorn. The Desktops of Longhorn and 8 are rather similar. Longhorn had a side UI flyout that was intended for gadgets and settings and such, closest thing to that now is the Charms bar.
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  3.    10 Jan 2014 #3

    I myself never used the library system. But only because I didn't keep files scattered accross my C drive (always in the user subfolders), and when I did try to add external hardrives into the libraries, I would become unable to launch File Explorer windows if a library location wasn't present (I had unplugged an external hardrive). It really soured me on using libraries, especially when they sat in my left hand side navigation pane taking up verticle work space until I learned how to remove them with a registry edit.

    I must say that the rumor that 8.1 update 1/8.2/Threshold will take modern apps from full screen apps into windowed apps on the desktop made me chuckle. I assume the 'Mail' app would show numbers if pinned to the taskbar and you had new mail. But especially if you can actually see the live tile itself on your desktop, then wouldn't they essentially become the Longhorn/Vista/7 'gadgets' all over again?
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  4.    15 Jan 2014 #4

    Aero. I like the eye candy and to be brutally honest, its one of the main reasons I haven't moved to 8. I also miss the file/folder tree from xp. Other than that....... well , not much. I try each new MS offering, either in the beta or rc at a minimum. Bought/used 95,98,xp, Vista and now 7, and they all had good and bad points.
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  5.    16 Jan 2014 #5

    What is different about the file/folder tree in XP?

    I think I know what you mean... in an OS where the folders are sectioned-off into different pinned icons go to View>Folder Options and tick 'show all folders' and 'automatically expand to current folder' to revert back to the classic style of navigation pane.

    For hacking Aero back into Windows 8, these two software should help you:
    WinAeroGlass -
    Aero8Tuner -
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  6.    17 Jan 2014 #6

    Microsoft BOB?
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  7.    17 Jan 2014 #7

    The Royale theme from XP/MCE, just gorgeous.
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       18 Jan 2014 #8

    indianacarnie, post: 11218, member: 203 said:
    Aero. I like the eye candy and to be brutally honest, its one of the main reasons I haven't moved to 8. I also miss the file/folder tree from xp. Other than that....... well , not much. I try each new MS offering, either in the beta or rc at a minimum. Bought/used 95,98,xp, Vista and now 7, and they all had good and bad points.
    I notice in that list you missed out WinME, I take it you didn't try that one. The only one in your list I didn't use was 95, I came late to the computer world only starting in late '98 with the first edition of 98.
    As you say each had their quirks but I liked all of them and had no problems with them, but then I'm not a geek or tinkerer like you lot, but like to use them as they come rather than make them look or work like an older system.
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  9.    18 Jan 2014 #9

    I've used Microsoft OS' since DOS 3.0. It used to be that Microsoft would build in backwards compatibility, but in later OS' they have either did away with it or limited it. I have no problems with a lot of the missing backwards compatibility but as I have a recording studio, I see those with a lot of $$ invested in recording equipment and software that has become obsolete. Even the Win 8 to 8.1 update caused some audio devices to stop working. I saw that on the Windows 8 forum and experienced that myself with my Roland Octa-Capture recording interface device. Fortunately Roland issues a driver update for Windows 8.1 or it would not have worked in Win 8.
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  10.    18 Jan 2014 #10

    Joan Archer, post: 11603, member: 14 said:
    I notice in that list you missed out WinME, I take it you didn't try that one.
    Nope, my Girlfriend at the time (may she rest in peace, miss you Paula), had it and positively hated it. As She was .... quite opinionated, to keep the peace I stayed away. Tinkered with it a bit , but as I never owned it or worked with it much I don't feel qualified to an opinion about it.

    As an aside, I had to stop being a "Nielsen" rater because Paula didn't like it as "I didn't watch the right T.V.". :)
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