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  1. Joined : Jan 2014
    Posts : 246
       03 Feb 2014 #11

    I miss the photo download wizard and the photo viewer from XP. Win 7's stink so badly, I don't even use them. I use Office's picture viewer and download photos directly from the SD card and rename them after they are downloaded.

    I'm too lazy to list missing or unnecessarily changed features from Win 7 in Win 8.
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  2.    03 Feb 2014 #12

    Don't have Win 8 or 8.1 so I can't list any major changes.
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  3. Joined : Feb 2014
    Posts : 372
    Windows 10
       03 Feb 2014 #13

    I very much preferred the task bar setup from windows xp.

    Of course, I was able to recreate it in both 7 & 8, so it's all good....
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  4. Joined : Oct 2013
    Posts : 1,962
    Windows 7
       07 Feb 2014 #14

    Aero is a must in my book. And for the desktop give us a desktop UI and keep the Mickey Mouse UI for the tablets - I don't want to see it.
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  5. Joined : Oct 2013
    Nothern Ohio
    Posts : 446
    Windows 7/64 Professional
       02 Apr 2014 #15

    I don't want my computers to look like or work like something from Toys R Us.
    I don't want to rent or lease operating system or other programs. I want the option to buy and keep what I want.
    These are not new business ideas I just thought of they have been around for thousands of years.
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  6. Joined : Dec 2013
    Posts : 165
    Windows 8.1.1 64-bit
       06 Apr 2014 #16

    Aero, for sure. The #2 failing of 8/8.1 behind tikfam, although that isn't the annoyance in 8.1 that it was in 8 due to the option to bypass it on startup and its increased customising options.

    And the built-in imaging software they introduced with Vista, then pulled out of 8/8.1 for no apparent reason (and no, the replacement is not an adequate one, not even close).

    The Start Menu (although I deliberately refrained from installing Classic Shell in 8.1, figuring I'd give it a try without a Start menu. All Apps, when heavily customised, is a perfectly adequate alternative).

    Removal of functionality/options in Windows Explorer. The 'Details' pane balls-up, for example.

    Built-in Flash absolutely sucks. MS updates often lag behind those of Adobe, or don't work on some sites.

    So, there's a few. Doubtless I could think of many more.


    EDIT: Must update sig, didn't realise I'd been away for so long...
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  7. Joined : Nov 2013
    Central Florida
    Posts : 322
    Win 7 Pro/32, Win 10 Pro/64/32
       02 Jun 2014 #17

    I miss the ability to shell out to DOS....real DOS, not a fake dos prompt. To really work in DOS, I have to boot up my PC with my DOS Utilities boot disk, either floppy or CD.
    The last real dos was in Windows 98.
    Then MS did away with the most powerful DOS command ever, "".
    I did find a way to use Deltree in Windows 8.1. Neat!
    Win 8.1 has some great built in backward compatibility, but only in the 32 bit version.

    But it's just too much trouble to use, with all it's little oddities.

    cheers mates!
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  8. Joined : Jan 2014
    Posts : 700
    Host W8.0 x64 Guest W10 x86
       02 Jun 2014 #18

    Does anyone know how WinFS would have differed from VAX RMS file system? Or was WinFS yet another VMSism intended to be ported/adapted to Windows?

    I'm curious because I think one feature lacking in the current Windows file system that drives people crazy is the inability to annotate or comment a file in such a way that the relationship between them is seamlessly maintained by the system. Copy to another machine in an ordinary way, over a network, whatever, the target file would still have the comment available(with an option to copy sans comment I assume.)

    It's like a really annoying shortcoming.
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  9.    21 Jun 2014 #19

    I think I miss the part where the OS would quit working once a year and needed a reinstall. I've had this install or Win 7 for over two years now.
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  10. Joined : Nov 2013
    Land of 10,000 lakes
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       21 Jun 2014 #20

    Britton30, post: 32579, member: 46 said:
    I think I miss the part where the OS would quit working once a year and needed a reinstall. I've had this install or Win 7 for over two years now.
    Do you enjoy Chinese water torture as well then?
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