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    johnpd said:
    How do you update the "Store" in case I run into that situation?
    Open the Store and check for updates. The Store is an app like all the others, it will update itself.

    Check for App Updates in Windows 10 Store
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    Porthos said:
    Only issue I see is the OS, Windows 10 Home in S mode.
    Thank you! I didn't know anything about that, I don't want to be restricted in buying apps or having to use Edge as my browser. I currently use Firefox on my desktop and don't care for Edge. As I said, I'm really not comfortable with making changes on computers, so I wouldn't want to have to try and get out of S mode right after my purchase.

    I'll probably look for something else now, another HP model maybe or another brand. Maybe I can go with a 15 inch screen since there's much more choices and they're less expensive. I have Samsung TVs, I wonder how their computers are.

    Any brands I should definitely avoid buying, poor quality? Thanks again to everyone for your helpful responses, much appreciated.
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    Windows 10 Pro (+ Windows 10 Home VMs for testing)

    I still use my ancient Samsung R720 17" laptop. By 'ancient', I purchased it from new when it had Windows Vista with a free upgrade offer to Windows 7... which I then allowed to update to Windows 10 Home. It has been supremely reliable, with an amazing screen.

    I was so impressed at the time that I persuaded my partner to get one a few weeks later. Hers has also gone the same route with not a scrap of trouble.

    My present lightweght laptop is a Dell Latitude 13" but if I want to watch a film away from the TV then it's the Samsung every time... beautiful screen. The only downside is that at 17.3 inches it's definitely not a 'lightweight'.

    IMO Samsung has proved to us to be one of the better brands, albeit not one of the more mainstream laptop brands.
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    As johnpd said ... get a business laptop.

    The home laptops are cheap ... and they're junk. Poorly made. Short lived. Junk.

    If you can't spend $1000 on a business laptop, save some money until you can.
    If you throw $600 into home laptop you'll be buying your second and third laptop replacements before that $1000 unit needs a refresh.

    Home laptops are junk.
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    Windows 11 Pro 22000.708

    Panasonic Toughbooks are Great!
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    Bigfoot said:
    I have a desktop computer, and plan to buy my first laptop. I want something simple with a large screen that is reliable. I'm a senior and my eyesight is not good enough for small screens. My desktop is a 21 inch.

    Today I saw an HP 17.3", SKU# 635661 at Best Buy for $579.99. Walmart has the same one, only sold and shipped by another company. I wanted to get a good brand, my desktop is HP and my old desktop was Lenovo. I didn't see any Lenovos with that large of a screen. I don't like Dells.

    I'm just getting a laptop so I'm not confined to my den when I want to use the computer. I won't be using it too much, don't stream, watch movies or concerts online.

    Do you think this is a good computer to buy? I have little computer knowledge and only need the basics, no gaming, no touchscreen, don't need a lot of memory, etc. I thought 8 GB would be enough. Not sure about the battery life of this computer.

    Any advice on this purchase? Thanks.
    After reading through the posts, I went to Amazon.com and found this business type one:


    Amazon is really good about returns if it becomes necessary, although I've only had to return one HP product in all the years I've used them.
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    I get the older eyes bigger screen thing. This is coming to you from a 2K 25 inch Asus Designo monitor. (I tried the cheaper 1080p monitor but everything was kinda fuzzy, a big let down from my decades of iMac usage.)

    Would Like Opinions on PC Laptop-2019-10-15-12_12_19-amazon.com_-asus-designo-mx25aq-25-monitor-wqhd-2560-x-1440-100-sr.jpg

    I'm concerned that HP screen isn't IPS. Which means colors will be faded and hard to discern. It's not even a full HD screen (1080p) and so I can promise you text will be fuzzy/jaggy.

    When someone says they want a 17 inch laptop, I presume they don't want to be out and about with it all the time. Some do but most are seldom. That gives me an idea.

    I'm going to ask you to consider a different solution. I get that you don't want to be trapped in one room with your computing. Would you consider, however, being trapped in two rooms? Like a living room PC as well? Because if you're willing to consider that, a possible sideways solution awaits you.

    I'm going to offer you a $630 solution first, and then a $300 variant second. So stay with me a bit as we think outside the box.

    If you already have a 4K living room television, you're halfway there. If not, and you want to refresh your living room TV, here's a solid 4K 55 inch set for $319.

    Would Like Opinions on PC Laptop-2019-10-15-12_31_26-amazon.com_-tcl-55s425-55-inch-4k-smart-led-roku-tv-2019-_-electronics.jpg

    Now all you have to do is connect a decent mini PC and you're home free. I've been following this tiny PC company called Beelink for years. They will sell you a PC the size of a sandwich that would sit beneath this TV. Here's an i3 with 8GBs of RAM and 256 SSD for $309.

    Would Like Opinions on PC Laptop-2019-10-15-12_37_46-beelink-mini-pc-u55-quad-core-computer-core-i3-5005u-ddr3l-8gb-m.2-ssd-256gb.jpg

    I'd order direct from China to get the best price and skip the tax.

    There's one thing where you need to consider where you'd type and 'mouse' from. And the distance you'd sit from the TV. Logitech sells a wireless keyboard with trackpad that sits in your lap if in a TV chair.

    Would Like Opinions on PC Laptop-2019-10-15-12_43_17-amazon.com_-logitech-k400-plus-wireless-touch-tv-keyboard-easy-media-co.jpg

    I use a variant of this setup in my living room. The problem is I don't have a 4K set and so everything is kinda fuzzy. But it's not bad. Behold the 55 inch desktop PC!

    Would Like Opinions on PC Laptop-2019-10-15-12_52_41-photo-google-photos.jpg

    This is the Beelink Mini PC and keyboard. It's so small I pointed out in red to make sure you saw it. I have an older model which is even smaller because it is fanless. It's spec isn't as ample as the one I showed you above. 6GBs of RAM and an Apollo Lake processor.. which runs slow.

    Would Like Opinions on PC Laptop-inked2019-10-15-12_53_43-photo-google-photos_li.jpg

    If you have a Full HD set like me -- you can read text on it. So a 4K set may be unnecessary. Here's your forum post on my TV --

    Would Like Opinions on PC Laptop-2019-10-15-12_54_24-photo-google-photos.jpg

    A variant of this idea is a kitchen TV on a nearby wall and you use your table as your keyboard mouse 'desktop'

    If your dream is to really be portable -- I'd recommend a 15 inch with a sharper more colorful IPS screen than a larger one that's fuzzy. You'll have way more selection, better prices, better portability.

    - - - Updated - - -

    margrave55 said:
    Home laptops are junk.
    I kinda get what you're saying but I also kind of disagree. PCs come in junk, okay, nice, and wow. It's not my experience that a computer for a consumer is junk by definition.

    I just picked up a Lenovo Flex 14 from Amazon for $525. It's definitely for the consumer or student -- providing -- they know how to properly treat a computer. If you've got a kid that leaves it on a bed where the comforter warms it up and then a friend bounces on that bed and the laptop goes flying, well yeah -- it will break faster than a tough metal laptop. But this laptop has great spec for that price.

    I'd say anything under 8GBs of DDR4 ram, under 256 SSD, and lacking a full HD IPS screen will likely have poor build quality to go along with it. I guess those lean 'business' but on my scale I'd call them either okay or nice. Pro-sumer?
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    Wynona said:
    After reading through the posts, I went to Amazon.com and found this business type one:


    Amazon is really good about returns if it becomes necessary, although I've only had to return one HP product in all the years I've used them.
    The HP ProBook is from the business range, the Pavilion is a consumer range laptop
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    Thanks for your tips and ideas. Honestly, I won't be using it very much at all, and don't plan to take it anywhere out with me. I would just want to take it into the kitchen or living room at times and probably not use it for more than an hour or two.

    I understand the idea of paying extra for a business computer, but it's only me and my husband and he rarely goes on the computer. I definitely wouldn't put an additional computer in the house. I have an old Lenovo in the basement with Windows 7 on a dial up connection, just in case my cable is out for a few hours and I have to go online for something.

    I've learned a lot from your replies and appreciate your taking the time to give me so much detail. I thought $600 was a lot of money for my needs and gentle use, definitely wouldn't pay more.
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    Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1023

    Steve C said:
    The HP ProBook is from the business range, the Pavilion is a consumer range laptop
    Only going from what the ad on Amazon said, Steve.

    My Pavilion (older model) is clear as a bell for me, and I think I paid less than $600 for it.
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