Re-open Programs After Restart

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    Re-open Programs After Restart

    Example: I want this currently opened Notepad file, that I'm using right now, to re-open once I restart the computer.

    I'm aware of the option that you can select to re-open Windows Explorer windows, and I like that option. Yet I want another option to re-open everything else that I have open on the screen right now.

    Does anyone know of a method to do that, or a 3rd party program that does this, etc?

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    I don't have an answer on how to do this currently in stable builds of Windows, but I wanted to inform you that, in version 20H1, it will be possible to do this simply by enabling a toggle:
    Re-open Programs After Restart-2.png

    This option is similar to the one that already exists in version 1903:
    Re-open Programs After Restart-3.png

    But some time ago Microsoft separated these two options in 20H1.

    Microsoft has improved this feature substantially, I just tested and the Notepad is one of the apps included in the "Restartable apps", that is, any Notepad file that is left open will automatically re-open when you restart the PC, in addition, also in 20H1, Microsoft made another significant change to this feature.

    Other apps included in the "Restartable apps" are Paint, Word and Excel.
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    So I tried that option, yet it's not reopening Notepad back.

    Is there some 3rd party app that, once I run it, it takes a "screenshot" of all the open programs (& what is loaded in those programs)? So it would be exactly similar to that Microsoft option which hasn't worked for me.
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    pepanee said:
    So I tried that option, yet it's not reopening Notepad back.
    Yes, it only works in version 20H1 (the feature update that will be released next year), in previous versions it doesn't work, that's why I said that Microsoft had substantially improved this 20H1.
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    @pepanee, the current behaviour is little changed fro when Microsoft quietly introduced it in the Fall Creators Update, 1709. And when I say 'quietly' I mean they didn't actually tell anyone, but were forced to come clean after everyone complained that their apps were restarting unexpectedly!

    Not all apps can be restarted, basically they have to be written to include code that supports this feature. It's actually a very old feature. It has been possible since Vista to invoke this behaviour from the command prompt using shutdown /sg

    shutdown /?
    /sg        Shutdown the computer. On the next boot, if Automatic Restart Sign-On
                   is enabled, automatically sign in and lock last interactive user.
                   After sign in, restart any registered applications.

    . What was new for 1709 was that Microsoft, in their wisdom, made this the default for shutting down from the Start menu. What was new for 1803 was that they added the mechanism to turn it off!

    I went into more details back then in this thread ...

    Only some apps can be restarted, they have to be capable of saving their data and registering their ability to do so. Wordpad can, Notepad can't, for example.
    on a restart Fall Creators Update reopens apps from before

    Up to the present day, no UWP apps can be restarted, so Edge can't, while IE and Chrome could (and more recently, so can Firefox now). All Office suites can (MS and the open source ones). Oddly, so can Task Manager.

    Nothing has changed much since then, so the ability for all UWP apps to restart is something really new for 20H1. I had heard that Notepad was to become a UWP soon, which may explain why it will be able to restart. Perhaps @LEOPEVA64 could shed some light on this?
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    Bree said:
    I had heard that Notepad was to become a UWP soon, which may explain why it will be able to restart
    Nope, AFAIK the Notepad will not become a UWP, Microsoft will simply move it to the Store in 20H1 so they can update it more quickly since it's not linked to the insider builds, in addition (in 20H1), when you log in, the Notepad don't re-open like UWP apps, for those who still don't know, UWP apps are always re-opened minimized and in a suspended state, the Notepad re-opens in the same way as other "traditional" apps such as Paint, Word or Excel.
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    Thanks, so maybe they've (finally) added the code to Notepad that allows it to register for a restart.

    Microsoft said:
    An application can use Application Recovery and Restart (ARR) to save data and state information before the application exits due to an unhandled exception or when the application stops responding. The application is also restarted, if requested.
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