Non-maximized windows offset from edges of display

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    Windows 10 Pro

    Non-maximized windows offset from edges of display


    I have two computers running Windows 10. One is a Toshiba C855 running the Home version, and the other is a Dell M6700 Covet running the Pro version.

    On both of these computers, I'm having an esthetic problem. Any windows which are not maximized, but which are "supposed" to open in a corner (lower left, upper right, etc.) instead open with an offset from the edge of the display.

    I first noticed this when I upgraded the Toshiba to Windows 10 a few years ago, and thought maybe it was just that device. However, I performed a clean install of Windows 10 Pro a couple of months ago on the Dell, and I have the exact same issue.

    I like to have my Thunderbird open in the lower left corner of my display, and to have Explorer windows open more or less tiled. When I was running Windows 7 on the Dell, ShellFolderFix allowed me to set up my desktop as I wanted it. Now, however, ShellFolderFix only works for a little while. I don't remember whether I ever used that on the Toshiba.

    When I set up Thunderbird on the Dell, I set the window location to the lower left corner. When I close, then re-open Thunderbird, Windows 10 offsets the left and bottom edges of the window from the left and bottom edges of the desktop. Similar offsets occur if I "train" Explorer windows to open in corners, regardless of which corner I use. Invariably, when the window is re-opened, if ShellFolderFix is not running, the window is offset a small amount from the edge of the desktop.

    This drives me crazy.

    Is there some reason this is happening? Can it be fixed?

    Interestingly, my Creo window opens in the upper left corner, like it's supposed to. But I didn't tell Creo where it's supposed to open. It's a default location.


    Non-maximized windows offset from edges of display-example-offset-window.jpg
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    SFF still works for me with Windows Explorer, albeit with only one window in use. Any further windows will be opened in a random location, but the same size as the 'good' one.

    Chrome not only remembers position and size, but without the offset from the edge when it is opened. Same with Foobar2K too, but almost any other program i use, (like Firefox for example), will open offset from the edges as you mentioned. It drives me bonkers.

    Because of another Windows bug i started using a 'Snap' replacement called Aquasnap. The free version is all i needed. It has the advantage of including a 'Magnet' effect for Windows when they are moved into corner or side of the screen. It mitigates the offset issue a little as a small nudge is enough for the magnet effect to neatly fix the window back into the corner. (Of course the same window could just be 'snapped' again, but then that might resize it against your wishes).

    The offset issue is just another Windows annoyance i've learned to live with.
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    Thanks, Dirk. I will look into Aquasnap.

    I really wish they'd fix this, though.
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    THEnt said:
    Thanks, Dirk. I will look into Aquasnap.

    I really wish they'd fix this, though.
    Another thing to help mitigate the issue is to not close programs when you're not using them, but minimse them instead. At least they are still in position next time you need to use them. I only restart my PC for the monthly updates, preferring to use 'Sleep' each night. Again, any open programs will still be in position when i wake my PC. With RAM being cheap and plentiful, having a load of programs open in the background really isn't an issue any more.
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    Win 10 Pro (21H2) (2nd PC is 21H2)

    Hi, odd, not an issue I've seen. If I've read your comment about T'bird correctly, I tried this: I dragged it's window so it snapped into the bottom left corner, then closed it, launched T'bird - this is its bottom left corner:
    Non-maximized windows offset from edges of display-thun.png
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    When I see that type of sizing issue I use the OSD/On Screen Display menu/settings on the monitor to make changes, lets the video/graphics adapter know what to do.
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    Try turning Off/On the Snap feature

    Turn On or Off Snap Windows in Windows 10

    Also, Uncheck/Recheck the 3 options listed there. Maybe doing so would reset some setting that may have gotten configured incorrectly.

    (Also an idea that I was thinking: Maybe your Windows is confusing those windows with the thick borders that Windows 10 used to have. We were able to set the "thickness" of borders in Windows 10 about 1 or 2 years ago. That's no longer the case apparently. But this is an example of what I'm talking about:
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    I don't snap windows. They don't size the way I want them to when I try. This is manual placement.

    I guess I'll try snapping again, and see if it behaves the way I want.

    I don't have external OSD controls, as the monitor is an internal laptop display.

    Ok, just tried snap with Thunderbird. It made Thunderbird a quarter of the size of my desktop. Way too small.

    Hmmm, just tried it again, then maximized T-bird, then de-maximized it. It went back to the size I want.

    I'll have to see if this fixes this particular issue.

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    Windows 10 Professional

    Yes sir, you're welcome. You're on the right track.

    Try enabling/disabling & checking/unchecking all the options. This could possible reset some bug that got loaded in your version of Windows 10.
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    Well, snap did not entirely solve my problem. When I closed Thunderbird, then re-opened it, after having snapped, maximized, then de-maximized, it still has the offset.

    However, after I snapped my Explorer windows to where I wanted them, saved the database in ShellFolderFix, closed the windows, then re-opened some of them, the ones I re-opened behaved as I wished they would behave.

    Well, most of them, anyhow...
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