Files disappearing

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    Files disappearing

    I upgraded Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit to Windows 10 Pro 64bit on Wednesday July 29 and everything went ok until today I noticed that files on my 2nd hard drive keep disappearing. I always have my OS on one hard drive and keep all my data files on another hard drive.

    Before I upgraded to Win10, I used Seagate DiscWizard to clone my Win8.1 to an identical hard drive and then upgraded the Win8.1 clone to Win10 and kept my original Win8.1 hard drive as a backup just in case something didn't work.

    Just so there isn't any confusion, I have 3 hard drives:
    1. Original Win8.1 Seagate 300GB
    2. Win10 Seagate 300GB
    3. Data Seagate1TB

    I noticed today that one of my soundcards isn't working correctly and the Win10 beta driver is a little buggy, so I decided to remove my Win10 drive and put my original drive with Win8.1 back in. While using Win8.1 I saved some files to my Data drive.

    I then decided to go back to Win10, so I removed my original Win8.1 drive and put my Win10 drive in. When I went to my Data drive I noticed my files I saved while using Win8.1 were gone. I then swapped my Win10 and Win8.1 and the files were still gone. I saved some files again while using Win8.1 and they again disappeared when using Win10, so then I saved some files to my Data drive while using Win10 and they were still there when using Win8.1, so files I save to my Data drive stay when saved with Win10 but disappear when saved with Win8.1 and then boot to Win10.

    Then I tried another test and while in Win8.1 deleted the files on my data drive created with Win10 but they reappeared when I booted to Win10.

    Also, This is my first post on here, so sorry if this is in the wrong place.
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    I may have resolved my issue by renaming the Computer Name on the Win10 drive. After I changed the name and rebooted, the files I created with my Win8.1 drive appeared. I'm thinking the Computer Name is used in the security permissions and by having my Win8.1 drive and Win10 drive named the same thing was confusing or corrupting the security permissions. I will mark this solved in a few days after I do more testing.
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    Windows 10 pro 64bit

    Hi same problem here, yet not resolved. Upgraded from win 8.1 pro 64 to 10 pro 64. It was working fine from 1 week but today, now I boot my system, try to login but failed due to alphanumeric key are not working of keyboard, only cap locks and num lock key is working, tried to plug my keyboard to laptop it worked fine. Restated few times and now Im able to login but strange behavior, icon are missing plus my personal data from desktop missing. All folders are empty from my desktop. Can't access msconfig, event viewer the error I got is "the system could not find the environment option that was created" I didnt changed my computer name. Any solutions?

    edit: my sound card is also not working but it was working before when I upgraded to 10 from 8.1
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    I'm having this issue again I got a new Seagate 1TB hard drive that I wanted to replace my Win10 Seagate 300GB hd with.

    I removed my Win10 Seagate 300GB hd and installed the new Seagate 1TB hd. I installed a clean version of Win10 Pro 64bit onto the new Seagate 1TB hd. I used a different computer name than my Win10 Seagate 300GB hd.

    I got all my software installed on the new hd but realized I forgot to save some files from my old hd, so I removed the new hard drive and installed the old one. I saved the files I needed from the old hd to my Data Seagate 1TB hd.

    I removed the old hd and installed my new hd. When I booted the new hd, I noticed a bunch of my files on my Data Seagate 1TB hd had generic icons and some files that I know I deleted were back and some of my files were missing. I downloaded some of the files with the wrong icons to my new hard drive and compared the hash of both files and they were different. I rebooted my PC to see if it would help and checkdisk ran. When the PC booted, a ton of my files on my Data 1TB hd were missing all data and 0kb in size.

    I thought maybe some of my hd's were going bad, so I took 3 of my other hard drives as a test and set them up the same way. I clean installed Win10 Pro 64bit onto the 1st 2 hd's and named the computer names differently and used the 3rd hd for data. I saved some files to the 3rd hd from the 1st hd and then installed the 2nd hd and saved files to the 3rd hd. When I installed 1st hd again, the files on the 3rd hd became corrupt again.

    This issue makes no sense to me because I don't have issues like this when I use an external USB hd or put the 3rd hard drive into an external USB enclosure.

    Anyone have this issue before?
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    I think I found what's causing my issue. It's the Fast Startup that's in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. It can be disabled by going to Power Options > On the left Click: Choose What The Power Buttons Do > At the top Click: Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable > At the bottom uncheck: Turn on fast startup (recommended) > Click: Save changes

    Here's the links:
    Solved Hard disk corruption with ten/seven dual boot - Windows 10 Forums
    Windows 10 gets attacked with a disk repair in a multi-boot setup. - Windows 10 Forums
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