Can someone tell if Windows 9 will not be like windows 8?

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    I'm hoping for a Windows 7 but improved.

    Can anyone confirm somewhat that Microsoft isn't planning to dig the idea behind Windows 8 even further within the package of Windows 9?

    Maybe instead head in a new direction that nobody sees coming. Much like the direction they took when releasing Windows 8 but then better for all of us.

    That is more cool for us pc users.
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    I have actually adopted to Windows 8 very quickly and prefer it over Windows 7 now (only slightly :)).

    I believe Windows 9 will keep with the Windows 8 theme... not sure what to expect though but i don't think they will move away from what Windows 8 brings.

    Maybe they will give you the option to use desktop/metro (On/Off option)
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    Too early to tell I would think. Its still along way from a finished product and lots of stuff could be added or removed. I would think they would just build on Windows 8 and try to fix what they consider its shortcomings.
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    Doubt it.

    Windows Phone 8.1 and possibly the Threshold update is meant to tie the WinRT coding structure of the two platforms closer together. What Windows 9 will be more like is what we have today, except obviously different.

    Some rumors I read a while ago before 8.1 was released was that if 8.1 doesn't do too hot as Microsoft expects, they'll go ahead and release a new version as Windows 9 to deflect the negative connotation of 8. But if 8.1 does decently enough, they'll go ahead with an updated version of Windows 8 as 8.2.

    The problem I see however is that Windows 8 focused A LOT on the newer parts, but didn't do much to the older parts. That needs fixing. I don't like a Desktop style UI will fix it, there is life beyond that UI paradigm.
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    That's a tough nut to crack. I can see them wanting to pull the Desktop side of things more into the Modern UI. That's hard to do with all the flack about the missing classic start menu. I personally don't miss it. I am however fine with it being an option for those that want it. Just let me turn it off. Just imagine the out cry if they did something like killing the taskbar and having everything run full screen like Metro Apps. Then there's all the Power user stuff like Command Shell, Device Manager, Disk management, etc. And File Explorer for that matter. They have their work cut out for them.
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    The problems I see going forward with Windows is this, Microsoft focused a TON on the modern WinRT aspect of Windows 8 but totally disregarded the Desktop for the most part. If they continue to ignore the Desktop, it's not going to fly with anyone.

    Thing is, the Desktop UI doesn't really conform to modern UI standards. It seems like they're on a path of literally progressing BACKWARDS with WinRT, which was what I was afraid of. They didn't take much from the Desktop and add it into the modern UI.
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    A right click option to "Save" an image to a predetermined location.
    Not "Save as" with its options.
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    Tongue in cheek, I would say to the op that it is very difficult to speculate on something as obscure as Windows 9. As far as I am aware, and I would be grateful for anything, however small that would contradict me, there has been no official hint that there is, or will ever be, anything called Windows 9?
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    When Carnarvon asked "Can you see anything?", Carter replied with the famous words: "Yes, wonderful things."[10]
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    From the news that we heard today, Windows 9 is looking to be Windows 7 but improved. Thank God. Besides Performance, I really hope Microsoft updates the graphics. We're still using Windows Vista graphics.
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