Can someone tell if Windows 9 will not be like windows 8?

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    I agree. But Microsoft have still to initialise a statement of their own, regarding the next OS.(The name is still a "maybe", not a fact)
    The missing start menu gave me no problems. I never did use Aero, so, essentially, Windows 8.1 was no big deal for me.
    The appearance of any OS, up to a certain point, of course, has never, for me, been a principal consideration. Navigation (remember the huge change from XP to Vista?) was important. But providing functions were not any more difficulty to get to, it was merely a new learning experience.
    But, on the rumours so far, I am not about to jump to the conclusion that it is a Microsoft face saver, or a massive update doing, roughly, the same thing.
    Last thing I ever heard, many months ago, was that Miicrosoft were rather looking towards having cloud operation, with a web based facilities, rather than a computer based OS - BUT, I am not starting a rumour - I know nothing!
    "I have heard from an outsider" Hmm. Not too far away from Paul Thurrot and Mary Foley's "Sources"
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    The most important things that people are looking forward to are Areo? Seriously?
    Areo adds nothing to the system other than eye candy, that is it. And you can get that from WindowBlinds if you seriously want it. it's not and should never be an integral part of any OS.

    I want better functionality, The graphics are fine for me as they are.

    I want Modern UI Apps on the desktop in Windowed Mode, that have all the same features as if they were Full screen or Windowed.
    The ability to swipe them away and back in, gadget modern apps, some of the concept screens shown in a another thread here, would be awesome to have.

    More cross platform compatibility and sharing/synching over home/business WiFi, not someone else's cloud services. Skydrive is fine for certain things, but I would like to keep more of it internal/private. Let us put Homegroup to better use.

    There are a lot of things that Windows should be but isn't. And it would be nice if it were.
    But that can be said about every OS on the market.

    Windows 8 is not a horrible attempt. Certain decisions were wrong, true.
    but, it's not that bad.

    Hopefully Win9 will bring in some better more futuristic features that are sadly lacking in all OS's to date.
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    A Guy, post: 10923, member: 22 said:
    I agree...full Aero is needed, not that awful flat look 8 currently has

    A Guy
    Yup. They should have more glass, not less. Also it should be easier to program. The way it's going now desktop programs that look at least decent on every previous W flavor will look like crap on W8+. There's no real way to fix them accept revert to XP code. If OS is 7 do glass, else XP it. Blah. :)
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    Areo adds nothing to the system other than eye candy, that is it.
    Right. MS always has and always will "wrong foot" the programmer. It started all the way back with allowing spaces is file paths, and ensuring they will be there by putting programs in Program Files(note the space) thereby leaving those out of the loop in the lurch with "C:\Program is not a valid path" that we still see popping up today. The W7 equivalent is coaxing developers to spend all kinds of time with user draw code to get the glass, only to pull the rug out a very short time later.

    It's an endless loop.
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    They would probably make Metro more usable on the desktop. Imho they should just fix the mess that Metro is and make a PC version of Windows 9 without the touchscreen stuff.
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    Well, throw my hat in the ring for the return of Aero. My machine and any I'm likely to buy this year is/will be plenty powerful enough for Aero themes. I spend a fair bit of time in front of my machine and yes, I want it to look good. Not flat, not something that looks like a phone or tablet. 8 looks more like 98 or even 3.1 than a modern O.S. imho of course.

    [ATTACH=full]549[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]550[/ATTACH]
    I looked at 98 long enough. All things equal performancewise I will take Aero over these any day.
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  7. whs
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    Windows 7

    I hope they are not going to make the same mistake twice. If it was not for the new PC sales where 8.1 is forced on the customer, their sales would be approaching zero. Nobody in his right mind will pay money for an 8.1 license.
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    Windows 10

    ksdixon, post: 10978, member: 181 said:

    - Has boot to desktop.
    - Has start button.
    - Has start menu.
    - Has modern apps in Desktop windows.
    Yes, I believe that if they want to satisfy their base, this will have to be the absolute minimum. Anything less, and they'll be looking at yet another massive failure.
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    I guess We can now really quote Seven of Nine of Borg, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated, your life as you have known it is over, you will service us.

    Maybe a Maqui (sp?) tech style resistance movement is in order.

    I have used MS WIN since the days of no hard drive and 5 1/4 " floppy disks, and I always felt that MS much like Darth Vader could give a rats tail about the consumer or ala movie TRON, the (end) user.....

    I also feel that regardless of how much processor ability or power We get, the M.S. designed O.S. will always slow things down.
    And your computer will not ever be under your direct control.
    BORG style M.S. cheeto eating Tech-nO/nerd-O-drones will 7 dominate & control you.
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    Well, My two cents here. I believe any objective look at Windows 8 indicates it is a bad mistake by Microsoft. Is it a terrible OS? No. I have windows 8 on a laptop and 8.1 in a VM on my windows 7 machine and on a phone. Do I use them? very rarely. Can I use them, certainly. I can do most things that I need to do. It just seems to me that it is more difficult and less efficient than Windows 7. There are certain things I do like about 8, but, truthfully, not many. Is Windows 8 a terrible mistake for MS. Yes, as it stands at the moment. Could it be fixed to where it could be a good desktop OS, certainly and fairly easily too. I still say, as I have said all along, Windows 8 is a Phone/tablet OS and putting it on a desktop was more of an afterthought. I am not a Windows 8 hater. If you like it and find it useful to you and your activities, I say great and I'm sincerely happy for you. I believe I can say safely that with the overwhelming majority of desktop users, Windows 8 is a flop that has done great harm to Microsoft. I fail to see why MS refused to listen to the public during all the pre release offerings. After all, who is it that actually buys their products.

    On a more personal note, I seriously object to anyone telling me, this is what you will get and what you will use. Remember all the advertising when 7 was released? 'I'm a PC, and Windows was my Idea.' and there was the 'have Windows your way'. With 8 it seemed to be, this is windows the way I want it and you will have to get used to it. The 2 philosophies are diametrically opposed to each other, as I see it. My biggest question is why?

    In all of the discussions I have been a party to about 8, one word is common in all of them. Choice. I believe 90% of the objections to 8 can easily be resolved by giving us a choice in how I want to run it. There's little doubt that everyone who reads this have certain things they would like to see changed and none of them would be the same. MS made a feeble attempt in doing that with 8.1. It was simply not enough and not as much as needed. This is not a 'one size fits all' world, and never will be. I submit that windows 9 could be to windows 8 what Windows 7 was to Vista, A booming success. Will it be? Who knows? The infamous words of Nancy Pelosi ' You'll have to pass the bill to see what's in it', comes to mind.

    MS has the opportunity to turn a not so well received OS into a pretty darn good one. My cynical nature makes me believe there was a reason it happened the way it did. My biggest hope is MS is going to make 9 into a very good os. They could simply do the overwhelming majority of that very easily. Let me have aero if I want it or turn it off if I prefer, let me have a start button or let me turn it off if I choose, let me boot to the desktop or the start menu, if I prefer. It's really pretty simple. Yet, they knew that when 8 was released. I syill have to ask why. MS usually has a reason for what they do. What was this one?

    I have a Windows Phone, and really like it. As with anything there are changes I would make, but I like it , but that is what this OS was built for. Now, make Windows 9 a desktop OS because no matter what the 'experts' say, the desktop will not be going away any time soon. I hope they use the opportunity wisely in windows 9, it has the potential for a great OS.
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