Hello All,
I just have a few general issues that I am reporting. I upgraded from Windows 8.1 latest release. Here are the things I have encountered so far:

1. Not able to join my existing HomeGroup (I have 6 home computers currently on the same HomeGroup). I essentially had to create a new homeGroup and rejoin all of my other PC's. I could not resolve this issue.

2. Settings stopped working. I could not bring up the settings page. I would click on settings and nothing would happen. I eventually rebooted to resolve this.

3. When there is only one user logged on I can not Switch users. Ctrl-Alt-delete only gives me 3 choices: Sign-out, Lock and Shutdown. The other users DO NOT appear on the lower left hand of the screen. Clicking on the start button and then the current user icon gives me the same 3 choices (Sign-out, Lock and Shutdown). Windows button + L is the same. The only way I can see the Switch users option is IF there are 2 users already signed in. Then all switch users options appear.

4. I had to reinstall my Logitech web cam drivers because the upgrade messed up my Skype microphone settings. It reverted back to the internal sound card mic from the Logitech web cam mike. The only fix was to reinstall my web cam drivers.

If anyone has any suggestions for number 3. Please let me know.