I have noticed that after every reboot the permissions of the Pictures folder revert to a read/execute status for "Home Users," and although my log in status has Admin credentials, I cannot save to the folder without a prompt. Plus if my Lightroom catalog is in there I can't open it. Once I manually change the permissions to Full Control, it works fine, but reverts back to the read/execute status at each reboot.

Others have reported similar behavior, and while we thought it related to iCloud for Windows, even after removing that the problem persists.

I did a right click on the Pictures folder, and in "sharing" selected "not shared," after which in properties I no longer see "Home Users" listed. So it works fine until the reboot when it reappears.

I am not using the system's built-in Administrator account, just my own account with Admin rights.

The OS is an upgrade from Win7 Pro(64-bit) to Win10 Pro (64-bit)

What doe s the rest of the group have in the way of comments? Thanks.