BSOR > Blue Screen Of Restart 1903 Solved

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    BSOR > Blue Screen Of Restart 1903

    Every once in a while 1903 stops and indicates on the pretty blue screen with the frowning Smiley, that it encountered a problem and it will restart. Which it does, the whole process taking around two minutes stop to start. This happens at disperse times with many different things running each time. From its error reports I read it does seem to involve some short memory dumps in many shapes and forms.

    Easy Google research indicates this is a general and not an isolated problem. I recently bought this computer with 1903 already in it and paid 100 bucks to transfer all my files and programs, etc., from another laptop. So I am by choice now stuck with it.

    This is not a hypercritical issue for me and merely an annoyance, so does anyone know:

    1. If there is an EASY fix (I don't want to spend hours tracing down a specific cause ... since it gets triggered differently almost every time),

    2. and/or when/if MS has made a patch or other correction to this popular memory dump issue with 1903?

    That is: when will they get it fixed?
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    The easiest fix would be to bring it back and have them fix it however, Windows crashing this way can literally be caused by many different things as I am sure you've seen. The can range from installed programs, to old drivers, to hardware installed. I had a serious issue with it and it turned out to be the RAM in my computer.A couple fairly simple things you can do to see if Windows itself is unhealthy

    1. run dism command. This will check to make sure all the Windows files are okay.
    right click the start menu button
    select Powershell (admin)
    click yes
    copy and paste this command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth (press enter)
    let it run for as long as it needs - it might pause for while

    2. run sfc /scannow - this is also a file checker for windows
    right click the start menu button (if you closed powershell after the previous step)
    select Powershell (admin)
    click yes
    type sfc /scannow (press enter)
    this command will tell you if it had to repair anything

    3. check to see if there are any updates for your laptop by visiting the manufacture's support page for your laptop model often you can get there by searching "drivers for [laptop mfg] [laptop model #]"

    After doing these things if you still experience the crashes you can follow the instructions on gathering the information needed to allow a knowledgeable person on these forums to help you:
    BSOD - Posting Instructions
    and then go to the BSOD (the nickname for these types of crashes is "blue screen of death" thus bsod) forum and create a new question there and post all the information gathered using the tool you got from the instruction page.

    I wish there was a one stop fix for these issues but there just isn't. I wish you good luck.
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    Well, even before the OP above I did all of the above as well as disable WiFi reported WEEKS later in Reliability History as "WiFi suddenly stopped working" (I distrust WiFi, do not use it instead use Mobile Partner over the Cellular Data network) .... and the BSORestart only happened once since, and that 2 days ago.

    So once every 3 wks for something that very quickly and reliably repairs itself is something I can easily live with, thus a "non-problem" in essence for me; decades ago the USAF found and decreed that, "If it ain't broke .... don't fix it" (re: certain scheduled maintenance procedures which can cause more problems just by messing with it).

    And there are still truly nonsensical error reports in Reliability History a few times a week (usually for something purposely disabled by me and thus supposedly non-functioning) which are quickly wiped away after checking that the reports were sent to MS, using elevated cmd:

    for /F "tokens=*" %1 in ('wevtutil.exe el') DO wevtutil.exe cl "%1"

    NOTE: it is these one-time stupid Reliability History error reports, almost always for some different thing, and without BSOD/R that convinces me it is not a hardware but rather a 1903 issue with changing incompatibility issues; for ex., an hour ago the "battery indicator" icon (but not the written numerical capacity and charge state indicator!) stopped working and re-starting instantly fixed it.

    The joke for such at MS/Redmond used to be "It's a Design Feature" (they oughta know)

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    Finally, after not using this laptop during the weeks-long heat wave (used my older G2 with no LIPO aboard to worry about ruining nor the rest of the machine in the non-airconditioned HEAT), I started getting increasingly frequent BSODs (self-repairing restart interruptions BSORs), until the past few days when I got maybe 8 in 3 days, plus mucho error reports, "Windows shut down unexpectedly", "Windows not properly shut down" (when I had so done), "xxx suddenly stopped working" (annoying when the item had been DISABLED by me) , etc.. Of course I had updated all drivers, ran scannow and DISM repair uncountable times, "Whocrashed?" always indicating not hardware, likely caused by 3rd party driver malfunction. Old Windows memory test indicated hardware, take it back to store, but HP memory tests (2x) and disk test said all fine.

    Won't go into all the details, but the highly experienced local official HP repairman (plus all laptops) looked at my "Whocrashed?" BSOD memory dump reports, played with it, tried various things and managed to get an actual FREEZE (for me, only gathered info and auto restart) ... and simply replaced the RAM. And THAT was what the old Windows memory test indicated (defective memory module).

    Even though "pre-owned" it is still under warranty, so no cost. But the laptop now runs MUCH cooler (I previously had to place a small fan behind it when the CPU was active so as not to have to use the internal fan and thereby extend internal fan life) and the internal fan almost never runs, esp. when on battery power. He told me that these RAMs do not live forever, but maybe that was behind why the first owner sold it to him (or as a trade-in).

    I loved this HP G3 from the start, but now it's even better! He said if to acts up again, just bring it back to him.
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