It told me welcome back when I downloaded new driver and everything. I love windows 10 so far. I upgraded for my mom and I. All her files were transferred from 8.1 to 10, I even saved them on a flash drive just in case. I didn't even think about the printer, thinking it would automatically transfer over, so I just now figured out it wouldn't print anything. The power is on on the hp printer. Every time i hit file print and bring up property dialogue box, it shows hp window and searching for printers but doesn't do anything. I type in the printer within that window to search for it, and it doesn't bring anything up, even though hp told me welcome back when I updated driver. How do I fix this?

It says I'm currently registered with my mom's email, when I click on settings in that hp window box, and it has a check mark in devices and printers by the correct printer. But, it's not registering for some reason.

How do I find if it's compatible with windows 10? There is not a website saying it with a chart. I found one chart with yes or no by each hp printer, but it didn't even have this one on the list, but the one's where it wasn't compatible had no beside of the printer, so it's like they forgot to put that one in the chart. Is there somewhere I can find if this specific printer works?