Hi, first post here.

Looking for some help on a crazy issue where none of my other internal SATA hard drives are mounting and showing up in Explorer. I have 4 of them that are powered up, show up in Disk Management, but I cannot do anything with them. If I right click and try to change drive letter I get "The operation failed to complete because the Disk Management console view is not up-to-date".

I tried disabling and enabling the drives in Device Manager? I set them to offline and then online in Disk Management (which at least got them to show that they are healthy NTFS partitions) but no luck in getting them to actually mount in Explorer.

I have 5 external USB3 hard drives that all mount just fine, and a few USB flash drives as well. All is fine with those.. its just really odd that only the SATA drives are having issues. My system drive is hooked up via SATA and its running Win10 just fine.. its all the rest that are messed up.

Thanks a ton to anybody that might be able to help with this.