General problem which is connected with many unsolved changes errors

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    Windows 64 bit, processor based 64bit, linux

    General problem which is connected with many unsolved changes errors

    So the first thing is that my bios is hacked I'm 100% sure of it, as well in that there's intrusions in my Windows. The bios is totally changes from before, most of the functions as well, the main functionality is changed. When uefi boot is off the system is not starting. I truly want to start from here but my knowledge is on low level. Also I have password on the bios but that doesn't affected the changes and the processes that happenned in it!! Another problem is that I can't configure my bios right and it seems it's working for system processes that are helping to the hackers so that many system information and memmory information is leaking! With openned Windows desktop is the same, as well in network desktop offline mode! For fact I'll give you example when i turned off the network and entered in safe mode, and tried to start one process which can be executed only in offline mode, as the message was. The other thing is that in that way in which I don't have control over my bios with the preinstallations of Windows the problem stays. I Will try to upgrade it but I'm not sure if the problem which I think is on very deep level Will be gone. So any help you can give me, from where I must start, what can I do and what to check first?
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    Welcome to the Forum

    Please edit your profile with ALL your hardware specs. It will help us to help you.

    I doubt, but if you think the BIOS is hacked, re flash it (update BIOS with a new or same version)

    There are two kinds of installations: Legacy - MBR or UEFI - GPT
    If your installation is UEFI - GPT the computer won't start when uefi boot is off.
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    Thanks for the welcome! I'll do as you said and also what you are suggesting, I'll check the link also!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm continuing from where I began!
    My network is in very unstable situation! I think also there's traffic leaks and theft through it, the proof of it is that there's too many connections and addresses which are processing via my router, without using any network and computer resources, there's also processes in my system, which are bound to system files and services maybe, and are not trustingly determined by me as I see it! I'm on the first levels of Windows systems, so I'm not, enough sure where to start..., I'll use the recommendation of flashing my bios first, because there I see a lot of problems! I did managed couple of times to prevent some things from going further with these problems, but I did them more intentional and by intuitive looks over my system state, like disabled some protocols and some other things which are mostly connected to the functions of Windows! Also did memory check with Linux which was helpful to the system... Via command prompt I saw all the connections which differ by numbers every time I scan my network and system and that are coming from somewhere else, while I'm not using any network resources on my computer!!! Some of them are connected with processes which are used by system ports which I think that are not connected with normal system usage, but I'm not on that level to determine that, also the most tcp connections which are variable many(via my router) are linked with addresses which are ending on http, which I think is linked to some ways of spying and tracking of what I do and the processes that happen on my computer! Also what I checked is that there's far too many svhost processes in my background usage of my system. And another things, like when I turn off my computer there is many often messages that someone else is using my accounts and if I go off there can be problems that user, and etc.... Another people using my Microsoft accounts being administrators of my network and etc... etc... But I'm not capable on that level on which I am to do more then trying to protect my Laptop as on level which the threats will be smaller and not that much! I know that I have to read a lot and to know a lot for that things, so I'm so I'm sharing with you my problems, with the hope that some of you can give me any starting points!! And I have I also plans of learning operation systems and networks, security and servers more openly for future, that is another topic of conversation, so that is it...!!

    - - - Updated - - -

    What I had noticed is that there is another administrators in my network and in my windows accounts using my system, and controlling traffic information and system processes, my personal network had become accessible to other many people from there my system, accounts and administration. I contacted my provider for some services if they can check what's happening but they said that my internet connection is used only by my router, so whatever... No proper help and reaction to the situation they gave me... And so on and so on!...
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    If you go into Bios, what do you see in it that is different to what you saw in it before?

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    I've rarely looked at the bios from buying this laptop, to this moment when I noticed problems with the security of the system, but the configuration of the functions and some of them, was different and some became not present as the accounts for microsoft stopped working properly and, when I did some things which changed the situation with the system and the accounts, and that's the moment when I'd noticed in the bios those things. The booting of windows crashed, stopped and the hard drive totally was gone! My bios was not very rich of functions from the beginning of buying this laptop, and is pretty basic but I remember that some things was changed from what I noticed. The most obvious is the changed boot settings and the disappearing of the hard drive! Key management is gone now, and some other things of which I don't remember their names! So I managed with boot usb flash to repair my windows from starting point anew and so on... I can't name the functions which were different and are not present now there was some... And another thing is that one of my sata ports is not present, but I think that when I bought the laptop there was no such problem! That is what I know and what I can say for now! I'm not too into understanding all these things..., but I'm starting from somewhere now...!
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    Given your limited knowledge of computers I'd recommend taking to a computer repair shop. Really.

    There's no magic button to fix the problems that you are describing.
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    I'm sure of it, but the laptop I use is not very "Big Thing" and "Shiny" but I'm planning to use it for learning! I had already some books for windows, they're not something big to start of..., but yes whatever, I'm looking just for starting points! And I'm living in Bulgaria, but the situation with the security of internet and computers is not very good and of the rights of the users, but I may listen to you, for the near future, about the repair shop option! Thank you!
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    You have to understand that Win 10 uploads a lot of information to M$. It spy you on everything you do. You can turn off on Settings - Privacy.

    I don't trust M$ Windows Defender. Disable Windows Defender and install a good firewall and free antivirus.
    For firewall I use ZoneAlarm
    For antivirus I use Avira Free

    Every WiFi device has it's own Manufacture Code Address (MAC)
    On the router WiFi settings you have a option to set MAC filter, that is, it will only allow connections to the MAC address on a list.
    Find out the MAC address of your devices (ipconfig /all) and add to the list and then set to only allow connections to those devices on the list.

    Modern computers has a UEFI BIOS that are completely different to Legacy BIOS. Boot priority isn't a Disk but boot loaders on the EFI Fat32 Partition.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them, I'm sure it will work for some of the security protection, I didn't knew most of this!
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