Hi All

I am hoping that somebody might be able to help. I bought my laptop in June so practically a brand new pc, and it worked absolutely fine in Win 8.1. I upgraded it to Win 10 a couple of days ago and it has since got practically unusable!

Here is a summary of the problems I have had:

-I am getting a quite regular 'Unexpected Store Exception' BSOD. I have had this four times so far in the two days since I upgraded. I have also once had a 'Critical Process Died' BSOD which sounds very ominous and took ages to load up again after but did eventually do so and has not been seen since.

-A number of apps (including the store) just do not open at all. The logo page comes up for a few seconds and then it just disappears completely

-Navigation of everything is painfully slow. Press a button and it might bother doing it in about ten seconds. That is with the start menu, file explorer, within apps, just everything!

-Performance is very variable. Sometimes it seems almost okay with just quite minor lag, and other occasions it does absolutely nothing and makes me want to throw it out of the window - pretty much taking up to five minutes to perform the most basic task such as opening file explorer. This is regardless of whether I have a few apps open or none at all, or whether it has just been restarted (forced or otherwise) or been running for a while.

-Programs repeatedly freeze and show 'Not Responding' sometimes for several minutes before returning to life. Usually only a few clicks can be successfully achieved within anything before this happens (again!)

-The new edge browser is completely useless. If it went any slower it would stop completely. Chrome is marginally better but not much.

-The cursor often freezes so I can move it around the screen but I can't click on anything. These freezes typically last just a few seconds before returning to normal so quite minor but still very annoying!

-I tried to reset my computer. It took several hours before restarting and sending me a message that 'Something went wrong' and nothing had changed

-I tried to return to Windows 8.1 and have another go at the upgrade. No, I have to remove all my user accounts apparently. Well I only have one user account and I can't delete the admin account can I?

-The only thing left that I can think of is a full system restore which I don't want to do because I have Office 2013 installed which I only put on when I bought my PC less than 90 days ago and I don't think I will be able to put back on if I get rid of it.

Look, I really am not slating Windows 10 as a product as I know lots of other people who have upgraded and it works fine. I have quite limited computer knowledge and really do not expect anything special from an OS, just for it to work with somewhat reasonable performance. Or at the very least just to let me return to Windows 8 if it is not going to work at all!

Any help would be much appreciated!