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  • Windows 7

    96 55.17%
  • Windows XP

    11 6.32%
  • Windows 8.x

    57 32.76%
  • Windows Vista

    4 2.30%
  • Windows Longhorn

    1 0.57%
  • Windows 98

    2 1.15%
  • Windows 1.0

    3 1.72%
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  1. Posts : 99

    I got so into add-ons back in the day with Firefox, I use to customize my Androids roms, jailbreak my iphones.. In the end, what's the point? Only I am going to see it. Who cares?

    Just IE11 and the swipe to go back and forward already beats any customizing i've ever done. And, that's just IE.

    What i'm getting at is when I modded stuff in the past, it was mainly for convenience and functionality. With 8.1 I have the convenience of my files anywhere I want in Onedrive, my settings backed up for my phone and Surface and just everything I've ever wanted in a mobile computing experience so I don't feel tied down to my pc anymore.
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  2. Posts : 1

    Going to have to vote for Windows XP. Great as Windows 7 is, Windows XP (and Windows 2000!) served me well over the years and it'd be disrespectful of me to not give XP the commendations it deserves.
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  3. Posts : 99

    bigseb, post: 2482, member: 98 said:
    I know this may seem a silly question to you guys but what's the difference between 8 and 8.1? Service pack?
    8.1 brought about many changes like sync capabilities with Onedrive like settings, theme, tiles, across phone/tab and pc. Baked in Onedrive so it's all I use now for storage across everything. 8.1 update brought about the ability to pin apps to the taskbar and with a slight tweak with Modern Mix, I can now window apps too.
    Some of the many things I love about it and why there's no place for something outdated like 7 on my Surface Pro 3.
    I can see why so many are off put by it if they have no intention of using a tablet or Windows Phone. The ease of a unified experience is the only reason i'm using it. No other OS does it or strives to. It's by far the best of both worlds of x86 and Modern in one. I've replaced my pc with my SP3 and relegated my desktop to just media server duties.
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  4. Posts : 424
    Win-10 x86, Win-11 22H2, Win-11 24H2, V2

    While we're revisiting the dark ages of computing.....
    my first computer, the great little Commodore 64, was what launched me into the computer business, over 34 years ago.
    I still have mine, but I'm afraid to even plug it in, for fear that it might just blow up in my face after all these years of being in storage.
    I was forced to upgrade to an IBM PC, because my enployer wanted me to run DBase III to keep all my customer records and Inventory, and I couldn't run Dbase on my C-64.

    Necessity being the mother of invention, I built my first PC out of spare parts that I picked up here and there.
    And then I taught myself DOS and DBase III.
    Those were a piece of cake, after learning Commodore Basic, and the C-64 command language. I didn't care for the C-64 operating system (Kernel) so I re-wrote it.

    Running XP was a real treat after all that. I've whipped it into shape years ago. Now it's like an old friend, or a comfortable pair of shoes. So why change?

    Cheers mates!
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  5. Posts : 5,833
    Dual boot Windows 10 FCU Pro x 64 & current Insider 10 Pro

    I didn't care for the C-64 operating system (Kernel) so I re-wrote it.
    That's impressive, TechnoMage!

    I was ordering some replacement windows at Home Depot a few weeks ago and noticed that they were still using XP. On the workstation anyway.
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  6. Posts : 488
    Windows 8 Pro x64

    Where was Windows 2000? Should Longhorn have even been a choice given that it was the Vista Beta? I really loved 2000.
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  7. Lee
    Posts : 4,793
    OS X, Win 10

    Jody Thornton, post: 33928, member: 387 said:
    Where was Windows 2000? Should Longhorn have even been a choice given that it was the Vista Beta? I really loved 2000.
    2000 was also my favorite of the windows OS's until Win 7.
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  8. Posts : 488
    Windows 8 Pro x64

    I am quite enthusiastic about Windows 9, so I am making it a point to stay on top of Windows 9 development cycles and progress. See, I tend to be that sort of person that relies on long term planning before migrating to a new OS. I just switched from XP x64 Edition to Vista x64 Ultimate back in February, so I figure I am good until April 2017. At that time I was planning on switching to a new machine, so I may end up skipping Windows 7 and 8 altogether, and become an earlier adopter of Windows 9.

    If I go from judging it against Windows 8's desktop performance, hopefully it's comparable. Adding to that, if we have the Start Menu back, along with more ways to conceal Metro charms and applets, it may be the best Windows yet.
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  9. Posts : 19,522
    W11+W11 Developer Insider + Linux

    I started with a Timex Sinclair ZX81. After I stopped playing with it at home (just got an Atari 400 than) I took it my workplace, changed to real keyboard, added 15K of RAM and made a "Mobile" set out of it. Took a cart and used a 5" TV set, 12V, a good car tape deck and a 3" thermal printer, all supplied by a truck battery. Had a great data base program running on it. Used to wheel it between factory production machines (we were making disk brake rotors and drums), pull out database on the screen with dimensions and machine setup data so I can reprogram machines to do another part number of products. Haven't seen a program for that stuff that was that good ever since.
    Used that setup two years until my company decided to get a "real computer" which was one of the first IBM PCs, 8088 machine that took me couple of days to put together (it came in 10 boxes) and cost few thousand bucks. Of course our book keeper (a beautiful blonde girl) snapped it up for the office and I "had to" teach her how to work on it. Well, you could imagine I didn't argue there and spent couple of months working with her every spare moment I had between other duties and on lunch breaks.
    I can honestly say that BASIC on Z80 was pretty good even if it can not be qualified as OS, or maybe it can, as it was imbedded in the machine.
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  10. Posts : 153
    Windows 10, 64 bit

    Windows 7 (very few problems), but hopefully next year it will be Windows 9.
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