OneDrive Sync altered many desktop files Solved

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    OneDrive Sync altered many desktop files


    Microsoft One Drive synched. As usual, it also synched many files I have on my desktop.

    While it was synching, I noticed many files on my desktop flickering and when that was done, they had green checks next to them. When the synching was done with, I noticed the files looked different and and under "Properties"

    It showed these were no longer on my Desktop, but they were replaced by One Drive files.

    I have a One Drive directory on my PC ,as well as access to my One Drive back up files online.


    What caused those files located on my desktop to be replaced by the OneDrive/Desktop files? This had never happened to my desktop before

    The file locations should be : Users/xxxx/Desktop and not Users/xxxx/OneDrive/Desktop

    A few files had lost their proper icons as well

    I somehow restored the proper files-using system restore. Many files were thereby deleted, but I had copies. So all is now as should be


    1) What might have caused desktop files to be altered during the OneDrive synch? Shouldn't files just be uploaded to OneDrive and not be altered at the PC end here?

    2)In case no one knows why this happened and how to prevent it, is there a way I can synch to OneDrive without synching my desktop at all?

    I see an option under One Drive Settings-->Choose Folders to untick various folders-including Desktop- but from the way it reads it seems that unticking just makes the One Drive folder not visible. Implication being , it doesnt affect what's synched--only which folders are visible to on my One Drive directory on the PC

    Windows 10 Version1809 (Build 17763.557)
    Microsoft Office 365
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    Hello Eliuri,

    It sounds like you may have set OneDrive to protect your Desktop folder by having it synced with OneDrive.

    You can check using the tutorial below to see if you did, and stop protecting the Desktop folder if so to stop this.

    Turn On or Off Folder Protection with OneDrive in Windows 10
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    It sounds like you may have set OneDrive to protect your Desktop folder by having it synced with OneDrive.
    Yes, Brink it does indeed seem I had done that. There was folder "Desktop" in One Drive folders on PC. I tried uncheking that in "Choose Folders" but One Drive got "annoyed" about duplicate folders with same name. Anyhow, I deleted it. Now the trick is getting One Drive to synch my Documents which it hasnt been doing consistently lately. It's synched only a 500MB out of 21Gigs!!..Much to my dismay

    I can try and go through those tutorials you posted above and see where i went wrong. Unless you you can conjecture an obvious reason I'm unaware of..

    Thanks for your timely response:
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    Do you have that much space available on your OneDrive service for all of it to sync with it?

    Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
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    I believe I have 1 TB. So seems I do for online storage. Which I would like to use One Drive as a backup program.
    I dont have as much room for those local on the PC files, but 20Gigs wont be excessive...

    I do not see in those "choose folder options" under settings any of the Folders I have in my Documents..Only a folder named: Documents..but not sub-folders, as I'd expect to see
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    You can use the link above to see how much storage you have available for your online OneDrive.

    Do you have folder protection turned on for your Documents folder like below?

    Turn On or Off Folder Protection with OneDrive in Windows 10
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    I think I've followed the instructions best i could.

    Yet on that "Manage Backup" tab, in Settings, the only folder I'm able to select for backup is Pictures, which shows its been backed up. Both the Deskstop and Documents squares remain on the white background field

    If you don't see the Update folders button in OneDrive Settings, you aren't eligible for folder protection and the rest of this article doesn't apply to you. But you can begin saving your files to OneDrive by changing the selections next to each folder name from This PC only to OneDrive. You'll be prompted to protect important folders only if you're eligible.

    I see neither the "Update folders" button in One Drive settings, nor "This PC only" or "One Drive" next to folder names
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    Let's see a screenshot showing those settings to see if anything may stand out. Be sure to blank out any personal info if shown in them.
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    Heres screenshot of that Manage Backup in Settings

    Under the Choose Folders in the Account tab, I have only Documents ticked in. .As well as files not in folders. The few folders it does list are from my Desktop. I see no way to add folders to that vertical list there. Folder names there r bit too personal to upload snapshot as now is
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    You're screenshot indicates that all three folders are currently protected to be synced on OneDrive.

    It shows the "" folder in your "Documents" folder can't be included for some reason. My guess would be some sort of permissions issue preventing access.
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