Lock screen to Login Screen delay issue

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    Windows 10

    Lock screen to Login Screen delay issue

    I have a issue where there is a huge delay between lock screen (the screen where you have a background and time) and login screen (the screen with an account picture and dialog box to input the password).
    I tap/press any key/click on the lock screen and it takes so much time to load the login screen, sometimes the lock screen reappears after 10-15 seconds or so before i can tap again to try to go to the login screen.
    I've tried the following to fix the issue-
    - Disabled widows spotlight
    - Disabled lock screen
    - Performed Clean Boot
    - Tried Safe Mode
    - Turned off startup services

    My Windows 10 version is 1903 and is dully updated as of the time of publishing this post. I have pin set up to login.

    It's definitely not because of the old or slow hardware because
    1.) on a much older hardware the startup might be slow but this problem doesn't exist.
    2.) After once i login successfully and lock the computer (start+L), the issue's still there. That is about 30 seconds waiting time between lock screen and login screen.

    I'm really looking forward to all your solutions.

    I can clean install windows but don't want to. Lots of data and nowhere to backup. Also lot of hassle.
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    I can clean install windows but don't want to. Lots of data and nowhere to backup.
    Sorry for the obvious comment.
    a. drives fail- are you prepared for that? It seems not..
    b. things go wrong and PC's can become unbootable. Are you prepared for that? It seems not..

    I can clean install windows but don't want to.
    You will force yourself to do that if your drive fails or something goes badly wrong, and then you may need a large handkerchief.

    Very often recommended here:
    Routine disk imaging e.g. Macrium Reflect (free), plus large enough external storage for disk image files.
    Being able to restore a Windows image- even to a new drive- can save you clean installing - which you do not like.
    Also lot of hassle.
    How hard is
    - connect USB disk
    - run Macrium R
    - a few clicks
    - wait a few minutes? (And you can use your PC while that's happening)

    And if you take the addiitonal risk of leaving backup media connected, it can be done silently on a schedule.

    There are also sync programs you can use for backing up. External disk, configure program, your backup happens silently. Nothing to do once configured.

    Also lot of hassle.
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    WXP, 7, 8, X

    I know it's old, but...

    I wanted to there to be something else on record for the next person searching for solutions to this problem.

    If this is still a problem and you've tried a million different things or if you've gone ahead and reinstalled/reimaged, etc. and the issue seems to persist, I wanted to add something for the next person doing an exhaustive search for a remedy to this problem to try:

    This is on a Windows 10 Home machine that was upgraded from Windows 8, but it may be applicable more - I was getting an unreasonable delay from my lock screen to the password screen. I searched and searched and searched and tried almost everything I saw, so I resigned myself to take a few wild swings before I formatted and reinstalled. There are suggested solutions of clean boot, system reset, editing the group policies, registry hacks, editing maintenance tasks, you-name-it, but something I never saw suggested was opening the system configuration editor (msconfig.exe) and under the "Boot" tab, changing the "Timeout" to 3 seconds (mine was set unreasonably at 30 seconds). I'm not sure if this was a leftover setting from Windows 8 or something sneaked in with malware or an update, but this solved my delay problem.

    I hope I can save someone else from a wipe and reinstall.
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    TEXJAM said:
    I wanted to there to be something else on record for the next person searching for solutions to this problem.
    Thank you SO MUCH!
    I've been searching for a solution on Google for days before I find your post on 3rd or 4th page of search results. That was it.

    So, for any people that may have the same problem in the future, let me add some keywords and keyphrases to this topic :

    Windows Login form takes a long time to appear

    Windows Login form takes too long to appear

    Windows login screen delay fix

    Windows login screen stuck on background image
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    Windows 11 Pro X64 22H2 22621.1848

    I don't understand why that fixed your problem if this is what you are talking about:

    Lock screen to Login Screen delay issue-image.png

    The timeout that applies to is how long the system will sit on the Boot screen before it automatically boots the default boot choice.

    It has nothing to do with the time from Lock screen to password screen. That is long after the Timeout referenced above has taken place.
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    Windows 10 1803

    I may need to start a new one but thought I'd try here first
    1. was this ever solved?
    2. on a 20H2 Win 10 Home system, with an SSD - HP Pavilion 15 - every boot/restart the User Profile load is delayed what seems like 3 times - you get the initial display painted as the system is fully restarted/booted, a quck "spin" of the Windows 10 swirling balls, then a blank or "fuzzy" lock screen image [depending on how I set the lock screen - effort to avoid or debug the problem] with about a 9 second delay, hit a key to get it to go to the password input , get another 9 second delay, and FINALLY get to the input field.
    3. The simplest verdict is "the core default profile is corrupted". I say this because setting up a brand new User the behaviour is almost identical to the "old" user account. This is without a network login [i.e. we're not using the microsoft account to login, just a local account with a plain password/login].

    I ran a completed DISM / Restore routine. Also ran chkdsk just for fun....
    The system otherwise runs spectacularly well - absent the delays the boot time is about 10 seconds.

    I may try to copy a default profile from elsewhere and setup again but am doubtful that anything other than a clean install will help this.

    any suggestions would be most welcome
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    Win 10 Pro (22H2) (2nd PC is 22H2)

    Hi, well, the user at end of post #3 claims reducing the O/S selection timeout fixed it... but like Ztruker, that doesn't make sense.

    If you wish to actually see what's happening, you can attempt to use the Windows Performance Analyser and Recorder (free from MS) - graphical representation of how time is used in booting etc.

    You can find examples of settings for logging using that if you search tenforums. Somewhat technically daunting - only one member here is really familiar with it.

    If this has recently started to occur, consider using a System Restore point created before this happened, or restoring a disk image you created.

    Try booting to Safe Mode. Do you see the same delay? If not, that suggests it's something installed that's responsible.

    Otherwise - very much trial and error and uncertain of success- I suppose you could try using Autoruns (free from MS) in the hope that disabling 'startups' (everything from drivers to shell extensions) can help identify the cause.
    3. The simplest verdict is "the core default profile is corrupted". I say this because setting up a brand new User the behaviour is almost identical to the "old" user account.
    - so not a user profile issue..

    You could try an in-place upgrade repair install of the current build (20H2) which keeps all progs and data and most settings started after booting normally.

    - but if the underlying problem is due to something changed or added to Windows that this does not affect, then it won't help.

    No harm in trying... you'll need a 20H2 iso file (or you could use a bootable disk if you have one) - freely downloadable- see tutorial on downloading an iso file. (NOT with the MS media creation tool).
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