Windows 10 Upgrade 1903 64 bit Sleep Wakes Up on Multiple Computers  

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    WINDOWS 10 64bit

    Windows 10 Upgrade 1903 64 bit Sleep Wakes Up on Multiple Computers

    I finished installing version 1903 on Windows 10 64bit machines. All original Windows 10 (not upgrades).

    Putting a computer to sleep - chronically wakes up typically 30 seconds to a few minutes later. It is not wake timers, or mouse, or keyboard. Something has changed in Windows 10 1903 and it is quite aggrivating.

    Conclusion: For now, I put in a disk lclone backup of the system from a week prior, and SLEEP stays asleep.

    Anyone else see this? Ideas? Fixes?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 22H2

    This is likely a driver issue. You are clean installing (think I saw that in another post) and some drivers are likely MS generics.

    You could export 3rd party driver lists from both versions and compare.

    Or you could use Rapr from Driverstore to create some quick screen prints to compare

    Release DriverStore Explorer v0.9.10 . lostindark/DriverStoreExplorer . GitHub

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    WINDOWS 10 Pro x64 build 19042.685
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    WINDOWS 10 64bit
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    Windows 10 Upgrade 1903 64bit KB4503327 wake during sleep mode

    Someone suggested I look at all the drivers list before and after the upgrade. I did, nothing found/changed in drivers.

    What I did discover was that after the KB4503327 upgrade, if I put the computer to sleep mode (via power menu,) I discovered the computer wakes up after the minutes set in the "turn off screen".
    So, if the screen shutoff were five minutes and I put the computer to sleep, it would wake up after that amount of time, then turn the screens off after another time period of five minutes.

    At this point, I have set the screen turn-off to "never" and any other sleep mode to "never".
    Then, when I put the computer to sleep, it stays asleep.

    This issue was never seen until this OS upgrade was installed in the system.

    My next step is to upgrade the video adapter (something from 2007) to a new and different model adapter to see if that corrects this issue, or not. For now, my work-around is to set "never" in "sleep mode".
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.2728

    Since you have checked that the display drivers have not changed & given the consistency in the behaviour of your three computers I would suggest checking with the display card / computer OEM for any new display drivers & updated BIOS that might be necessitated by Ver 1903.

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    WINDOWS 10 64bit
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    Thank you for the idea; so happens that I had the latest 2017 drivers from the manufacturer. All that said, I will get a new video card as anything ten+ years old in hardware is fair game to be suspect.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.2728

    I would have suggested reinstalling those latest drivers in case they have become corrupted but I think that this is unlikely given the common symptoms across the three computers.

    You did not mention checking the BIOS. I had an updated BIOS for one computer for Ver 1903.

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    WINDOWS 10 64bit
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    Wakeup after 18 minutes for 1903 upgrades of KB4503327 and KB4464065

    as of 6/14/2019 installed new MSI 1050Ti video adapter card.
    Installed driver from the MSI website that said driver was releasted in 5/21/19
    Computer BIOS is current.
    Installed two Windows 10 1903 KB4503327 and KB4464065 updates; they happened to be in the update queue at the same time.
    Verified all sleep times were set to "never". put system to sleep. it woke up about 18 minutes later.
    I then set the sleep to 1 minute in Power tab.

    Put system to sleep, it woke up 1 minute later, then went to sleep 1 minute after that.

    18 minutes later, it woke up and then went back to sleep a little more than 1 minute later suggesting that some wakeup 18 minute timer was set as a function of putting the computer to sleep. ?E?E????

    THIS was never a problem until newest 1809 upgrades. It is repeatable again and again.

    Any ideas at this point... it is most bizzare and seems like something is setting an 18 minute wakeup call for lack of a better way of expressing how/why the system wakes up.
    Anyone have any ideas how to trap this timer or see it stored somewhere in the OS?
    Better yet, force no wakeup times under any condition in OS unless I press the power button.
    This is not a keyboard or mouse. It is not a LAN wakeup. And it happened immediately after 1809 upgrades, and has not left since. The fact that it is so consistent, suggests that something is triggering on a regular interval based on going to sleep.
    If the computer is awake, it stays awake and works fine. Of course, I would prefer to put it to sleep at the end of the day rather than a full power-down.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 22H2

    How about powercfg commands for lastwake and waketimers.

    How to find out why your PC wakes up, and how to stop it - gHacks Tech News
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.2728

    "Better yet, force no wakeup times under any condition in OS unless I press the power button"

    I have never tried this but if you go to
    Control panel,
    Power options,
    [active power plan],
    Change plan settings,
    Change advanced plan settings,
    Allow wake timers
    you can set the item to Disable.

    I think disabling wake timers should take second place to investigating what is waking it up [as suggested by Ken above] because that investigaton might yield enough evidence for a diagnosis.

    Best of luck,
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