How to move appdata/local folder?

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    How to move appdata/local folder?

    I keep getting file xxx used by system.
    I already have group policies:
    "Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode" disabled
    "Add the Administrators security group to roaming user profiles." enabled
    I've already moved roaming, local low, documents (although some files & folder tree windows recreates on restart in their original local low & roaming location)
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    How do you move it? You don't. You shouldn't try hacking Windows like that.

    What are your system specs? How big is your disk? Nothing stated..

    Ideas for freeing up space:
    Free Up Drive Space in Windows 10
    Turn On or Off Storage Sense Automatically Free Up Space in Windows 10

    Free tools like Wiztree (better than Windirstat but similar) show you visually how space is used- the large rectangles immediately focus your attention.

    If you have a second disk in your PC, make sure personal data is on that, and not on C:

    If more desperate measures were called for see:
    Move Users Folder Location in Windows 10

    You can consider trying to install large programs on D: - where D: is on a second disk- e.g. games, in the hope this results in some large files being located on D: rather than on C: How effective that is depends on the design of the program.

    If the disk full warning appears periodically rather than not due to anything you have specifically done, check that Windows is not trying to upgrade (feature update) and repeatedly failing. See your Update History in Settings to check that.

    How much free space do you have on C: ?
    What is your partition layout on your system disk?
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    it's more about being able to nuke at any point "C:" for re-installation without losing too much data, than clearing space. There is an option for it after all in folder "properties->location" for "AppData/Local" too - I'm trying to move using it.
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    Best option- keep personal data on a separate drive or partition as far as possible. Then OS maintenance doesn't affect it.

    Make sure you have enough free space on C:

    Be aware you have the option to repair system files with SFC /SCANNOW, DISM - and also with an in-place upgrade repair install which keeps all progs, data, amongst others.

    This forum frequently recommends the routine use of disk imaging. E.g. Macrium Reflect (free/commercial).
    If you have a recent disk image, and something goes badly wrong, you can restore what was imaged- the whole of Windows or any disk or partition, even to a new disk, and be back in business relatively quickly.
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    gendalf said: View Post
    I've already moved roaming, local low, documents (although some files & folder tree windows recreates on restart in their original local low & roaming location)
    The only valid, 100% working and safe method is to relocate the whole Users folder when clean installing Windows. Tutorial: Move Users Folder Location in Windows 10

    This moves all user profiles to for instance E:\Users. All user accounts created thereafter will be created in that new location, meaning all user folders, including AppData and its subfolders will be in E:\Users\Username.

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    Dalchina is right about moving things.
    Don't do it.
    Just don't.
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    1. You crate the new folder where you want Appdata to point to.

    2. Restart your computer into "Recovery Environment" by pressing SHIFT while clicking the Restart buttom

    3. In recovery environment locate Troubleshout Advanced Command Prompt

    4. Locate your Windows instalation (It might be recognized with a different drive than in Windows)

    5. Use Robocopy to copy the old appdata to the new folder that you created:

    robocopy \PathToOldAppdata\Appdata\Roaming \PathToNewAppdata\Appdata\Roaming /e

    6. Use mklink to create a symbolic directory link from the old to the new appdata

    mklink /d \PathToOldAppdata\Appdata\Roaming \PathToNewAppdata\Appdata\Roaming

    6. Exit comand prompt and restart computer
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    margrave55 said: View Post
    Dalchina is right about moving things.
    Don't do it.
    Just don't.
    I change just the location of all the various temp folders to C:\temp. Use System Properties cpl, select the Advanced Tab and then click on Environmental Variables.
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    Symbolic links are only as good as the programs that use them, Moving just about anything
    in the user areas may cause some programs to fail and some which look for data in a certain place
    to fail as well.
    Not to mention a Major update may trash your system if it doesn't find the data where it wants'
    That happen to me , and restore was worthless.
    Better to use Win 10's Move app utility to move programs to save space and wear and tear.
    3rd parties program installers usually give a choice where to put them.
    Lastly, You'll have to have a backup or image of two drives instead of just one. just to restore
    the system in case of failure or you'll have to go through this trouble a 2nd time.
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