I am a former Windows 7 Ultimate user who upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. I am having some major problems with the Search feature which renders Windows mostly unusable.

The problem consists of the following, in order:

1. Windows Search rebuilds the index with "We're getting search ready...", with only indexed start menu and desktop items in the list.
2. The "Search my stuff" feature is inaccessible. Pressing Enter or clicking it does absolutely nothing.
3. After a while, the popup portion is replaced by a blank white box of the same size with a vertical scrollbar. In this phase, even typing a file/folder name by path and pressing Enter does not work.
4. I have to restart my machine and the process starts over. (Sometimes killing "SearchUI.exe" from Sysinternals Process Explorer, which automatically restarts "SearchUI.exe", does the job instead)

Anyone know what's going on, and how to fix it?

Thank you!