My device: Oneplus 3
Windows 10 1903

Symptom: Windows freeze after connecting phone, as soon as i unplug the phone, windows starts working normally again.
At the first boot after a clean install, windows doesn't have this problem. After setting up the pc, without installing any related to the phone (drivers/software related to phone), the symptom start to happen. It retains after installing phone related drivers/software.

Temporary solution: Plug the phone before windows boots

Things i've tried:
- Re-install windows
- Install Google Usb Driver = Get the Google USB Driver | Android Developers
- Install manufacture driver =
- Checking Windows Update for drivers update
- Works fine in windows 7

Event viewer doesn't show any related to it. The only warnings i got is Event: 10016, DistributedCOM
If i have to take a guess, it's related winusb/wpdmtp/wpdmtphw default windows driver. I can't find any compatible driver update for it nor force to change it.
In windows 7, i can force to pick what i believe the correct driver by using "let me pick from a list.....", but in windows 10, the list is only showing a few and not showing what i believe the correct driver is.

Let me know if something is not clear. Hoping some insight too, i'm out of ideas.