Windows 10: Cannot figure out what is now waking computer Solved

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  1.    06 Aug 2015 #11

    CyberTod said: View Post
    The 'Allow wake timers' option is bugged or at least it was yesterday prior to SR1.
    Even if you set it to disabled it still allows wake timers, so check in command prompt with :
    powercfg /waketimers
    This is different from powercfg /devicequery wake_armed which shows which devices are allowed to wake pc
    If you have anything in waketimers that can wake your computer it probably will. For me it was Teamviewer.
    Ironic that you should mention Teamviewer, which powercfg /waketimers did show; that reminded me to go to the program and disable it from starting when Windows starts, which I had been meaning to do. I only installed the free version of Teamviewer out or curiosity, and kept forgetting to stop it from loading. However, it has never caused any wake-up problems of which I am aware, and as it is not on my wife's computer, does not account for her machine now waking up.

    I also found an odd task to update Media Center (which is on my computer, one of several things left over, as it were, from the update to Windows 10. I have deleted the task, which indicated that it could not find the file anyway. Doing that will likely add to the multiple error messages I now get when starting Task Scheduler, all of which I am certain refer to some obsolete tasks I deleted yesterday, and which, following the instructions on those messages to Refresh only brings them up again, sigh.
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  2.    06 Aug 2015 #12

    You said: View Post
    It is possible that PowerChute is causing your computer to wake up. Have you checked to see if it is the problem by uninstalling it yet? If you conclude that it is not the problem, try disabling computer wake up by your internet adapter. I had a similar issue with an old Windows Vista computer, and it was being caused by the network adapter waking the computer up. How to Stop Network Activity from Waking Your Windows PC
    No, I've not yet removed it, but there is something that I want to test with it, but first I want to determine if the change in my sleep settings recommended earlier in this thread has fixed the problem. If that does not remedy the situation, then my next test will be to disconnect the data cable from the APC on my computer. It was after a power failure a few nights ago that I found that hibernate is disabled by default in Windows 10, which I would have expected PowerChute to report, as it did with Windows 7. Without hibernate, Powerchute can not put a computer into that suspended state before the UPS shuts down before the battery goes dead. (One of my few neighbors told me that the outage lasted six hours; we have had many more, such, some also lengthy, recently, than in the past, which I suspect are being caused by failing infrastructure.) APC told me, when I reported this, that they have not tested their software against Windows 10. That the sleep failures appear to have started after I enabled hibernation has made me suspect that now PowerChute is working improperly; removing the data cable ought to prove my theory, which I will do if, again, the sleep setting change does not fix the problem.

    Despite the PowerChute failure, both computers restarted properly, not even sending me to the Windows Safe Start module where you are offered, among other choices, `restart normally', or whatever the text actually says.

    Network adapters are set to allow the computer to turn them off, not for them to wake the computer.
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  3.    07 Aug 2015 #13

    1. Disabled Hibernation, computer continued to wake up, often around fifteen minutes after putting it to sleep.

    2. Disconnected data cable from UPS to computer, same result as (1.)

    3. Removed PowerChute, same result as (1.)

    4. Decided to use msconfig to disable startups as a test method. That did not work, either: The version of msconfig is quite different from that in Windows 7. Now, when you go to the Startups tab in msconfig, instead of getting the list of startups, you are presented with a link to the Task Manager.

    When you to to the Task Manager list, you have to disable each startup individually, and when you are done, there is button or link to use to go back to msconfig. So, I have tried going back to msconfig, only to see that my settings have changed from selective startup to normal startup; I quit at that point, not knowing what to do next.

    I guess that, if you reselect Selective Startup, your disable list in Task Manager will be used, but I don't want to do that until someone who knows how msconfig now works provides that information, lest I foul matters up.
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  4.    15 Aug 2015 #14

    If you are using TeamViewer version 10.0.45471.0, update the program; a new version was released 7Aug2015 to fix the problem of computers being wakened by TEamViewer.
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