Windows 10 on tablet

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    Windows 10 on tablet

    Hi guys.Im not sutre i've,,landed,,in the right place but I 'll just go ahead asking and hopefully somebody will help me.My kid has a krüger&matz(not sure about the spelling)edge 1086.Dont know what he's done to it(I understood he's tried to reset it)and doesn't turn on.Cant see anything on the screen except ,,preparing for automatic reset and after that nothing happend.Cam anybody tell me how do i make it work?not sure what the problem is but I couldn't find anything online about the software, how to Install or anything like that.Sorry for my spelling as English is not mg mother language. Thank you for any kind of help
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    Hi MMT. Welcome to the TenForums @tenforums @MMT

    Documentation says it is running Windows 10 Home, assume 64bit

    You could try following this tutorial for a clean install.

    Clean Install Windows 10

    Now I'm not sure how to get into boot menu and the manual was less than helpful.

    They did have an email address and I would contact them. Ask them if you can do a Hard Reset to reload. If not can you load Windows from boot media and if you can how to you bring up boot menu. Since this has a keyboard when you power it on you could try some standard keys to get boot menu or bios. You power on and tap f11 a couple of times, or you power on and tap f2 a couple of times. Could be delete key or ESC key. Maybe even f12. I'd start with F11, you might find it brings up a recovery menu.

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    Hi Caledon Ken.Thank you for your quick response.The thing is I'm gonna email them like you said because honestly I have no clue what to do.i can get into BIOS ,with the escape key but I'm not sure my kid hasn't change things in there. I mean not not sure if what's now disabled should have been enabled etc.Cant find any video about this Edge 1086 so I can compare things.When i turn the tablet on like I said it's just the blue screen saying,,ready for automatic repair,,and after that nothing. I've sort his laptop ,same thing but that's easy.The installation CD is doing it all for you.This tablet it's just to much for my brain.Thank you anyway for trying to help me. I'll just email them to see what I'll get
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    I work as a Technician in a computer store where we sell similar models. In your case, Windows is damaged and you cannot fix it. Your only option is to just format it and reinstall Windows 10 again. You should install Windows 10 32-bit, not 64-bit because most drivers are for 32-bit and it doesn't have much RAM anyway. You will need another computer from which you can download Windows 10 ISO (DVD image file) and create a bootable USB Flash drive. Download Windows 10 Media Creation tool from here: (second button). Run the tool and select the option to download Windows 10 for another PC. Choose your language and download Windows 10 32-bit. Then you could either contact Kruger & Matz and ask about the drivers, or use a utility such as Aida64 (Downloads | AIDA64) to identify all the hardware devices (go to Devices->Physical Devices section) and download all drivers directly from chip manufacturer (Intel, Realtek etc). Copy all drivers to the USB Flash drive. To install Windows you can use the keyboard/touchpad or if this doesn't work, you can connect a USB hub and then connect the USB Flash drive and external keyboard/mouse. Make sure you fully charge the tablet before you begin. With the device switched off, switch it on and press F12 several times to see the boot screen. Select to boot from USB Flash drive, then proceed to install Windows 10. In the upgrade or advanced installation screen, select advanced installation and then you should see all the partitions of your storage device. Delete all the partitions to create a single unallocated space. Then click next, Windows will automatically create all the necessary partitions and proceed to install Windows 10. Once finished install the chipset driver first. If this is the correct driver (100% compatible with your hardware) it should also install and enable graphics, touch screen and rotation sensors, sometimes it could also install the audio driver. Then proceed to install the WiFi driver, then install the rest drivers. Windows Update could install another chipset driver that might not be 100% compatible and then touch or rotation doesn't work. In that case you simply reinstall the chipset driver to restore these functions and then use the show/hide tool (see tutorials) to disable the driver update. Once done you could install any other application and games, but do not overdo it since space is small.
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    Hi Spapakons!Thank you so much for the full pack of instructions.I use to be quite good with computers in the past, will be a challenge to try to fix what my kid is destroying lol.I have to read again your msg,again and again and try to do it step by step.normally I'll just throw it and buy a new one but it's a brand new one and it looks quite good.So I'll give it a go.The only thing is I can't see the battery of the tablet so I'll just have to presume if it's fully charged or not.Thank you again .I'll come back if ill have difficulties.Thank you !
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    Just leave it on the charger for 2-3 hours before begin.
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    was this resolved? sometimes, not always, tablets and 2-in-1s wont boot from USB. in that case you can use efi shell if available. plug flash drive in and select internal efi shell if applicable. should look similar to command prompt. from there use Fs0: to navigate to USB flash drive and then use cd or dir to change directories to the bootx64 or boota32 depending on version.
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    The USB Flash drive must be created in UEFI mode. Microsoft's Media Creation Tool should create a USB Flash drive that boots both in UEFI and CSM (Legacy BIOS) mode. If you use a third party utility such as Rufus make sure you select GPT and UEFI. For older computers (Legacy mode) choose MBR and CSM instead. Some other poster might say that you simply format the USB Flash drive as FAT32, copy all files from the ISO and make it active (bootable). Tried that but unfortunately didn't work for me in both UEFI and Legacy mode. It only worked in UEFI Mode. Probably I missed something. The safest way is to use Rufus and select GPT and UEFI. Of course most tablets will boot a 32-bit Windows version but not 64-bit if the CPU doesn't support 64-bit. So make sure you select 32-bit ISO to begin with.
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