So, I just upgraded from Windows 7, to Windows 10, and I've discovered an infuriating "feature".
My dual monitor set-up is a little unorthodox. My desk is too small for two monitors side by side, and the shelf behind my desk is too short to have two monitors one atop another. What ended up working very well for me was having my smaller, secondary monitor on the shelf behind my desk, and beside my monitor... in other words, my monitors are corner to corner. Naturally, I set up the monitors in my display settings in the same way. My monitors are connected by the top right and bottom left corner respectively.
Now, however, it turns out that someone at Microsoft decided I was too bumbling and inept to properly place my cursor over the big red X button in the top right corner of the window. They were seemingly afraid that without their ham-handed intervention I'd spasmodically hurl my cursor past the top right corner of my first screen, and get it lost somewhere on my second monitor, and end up curled up and crying because I wouldn't know where my cursor went. As such, in an act of aggressively patronizing babyproofing they've padded the sharp and dangerous screen corners.
As a result, I can no longer smoothly move my cursor between monitors. The only place the monitors connect is the corner, but I can only move my cursor past the corner and into the other monitor if it's moving fast enough. No longer able to smoothly transition between monitors, I must sweep my mouse across the surface of my desk as if I'm playing a violent and angry game of air hockey.
Virtually re-arranging the monitors to be stacked vertically, or laid out horizontally would "fix" the issue, by allowing me to go around the sticky spot, but doing so would mean that it no longer matched the physical, real world lay out of the monitors. In fact, I only discovered that I could virtually reposition my monitors after getting fed up with how un-intuitive it was having them virtually side by side, and constantly trying to move my cursor to the top right/bottom left corner of the screen, where the monitors appeared to be linked in the real world. Undoing that little piece of intuitive and natural set-up is hardly a fix.
Some googling has shown that this was a problem in 8.1, and was fixed by adjusting some values in the registry. This, however, no longer applies for Windows 10, and this is ruining the entire experience for me. Please, please, please tell me that someone has a fix for this glaring, jarring, infuriating bug that was mistakenly labelled as a feature.