Night light fast startup bug windows 10 version 1903 build 18362.53

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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 1903 Build 18362.53
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    Confirmed. Bug persists into most recent fast ring build. Just updated from 18362.53.
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    W10 pro x64 Skip Ahead + Edge Dev

    If you prefer a different colour temperature to your display then you should really look at other means to adjust this such as display settings.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 (Insider Slow Ring)

    I had issues with Night Light on every build of 1903 I tried. For me it seems that the issue stems from when my PC goes to sleep. If it does idle to sleep and I wake it, Night Light will no longer work unless I restart the PC. I didn't try logging out though to see if that would allow Night Light to work again. I decided to just install f.lux again because it is so much more customizable and because it also works during the day.
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    windows 10 1903

    Hi there,

    I am having the same issue, or a derivation of it. i Have btw the RTM version of 1903, i am not on the insider program or anything. my main issues are night light mode disabling (and not re-enabling) when gaming and then alt tabbing back to windows and when the monitor goes to sleep (not the computer)... more info...

    I have 2 machines (1 was an upgrade install to 1903 the other was a clean install). Both nvidia cards, 1080ti and a 2080 in the other (1 has the latest nvidia drivers the other has the very last version prior to the latest). Both intel 8700k processors.

    what is happening: i keep the night light mode always on, and prior to 1903 (when i was using 1809), when i play a game (full screen) the nightlight mode would turn off in game. when i alt tab to windows, night light was enabled. when i jumped back into a game, it was disabled. no issues.

    when i upgraded to 1903 (both the clean install machine and the upgrade), when i have night light on, and go in game and alt tab, the night light remains off in windows, this never happened in 1809.

    not limited to games, but in both machines using 1903, sometimes when i start the computer, the night light mode is disabled. trying to turn it on does nothing, and rebooting fixes it. but if happens enough now where i suspect this is not a one off, and the fact it happens on both my computers, and when i go back to 1809 there are no issues.

    i also tried flux, but it did the same thing where it would sometimes when you turn on the computer be off, and no way to enable it without rebooting.

    lastly, i noticed when the display goes to sleep (the monitor, not the computer), night light is disabled. You can turn it back on, but the monitor being put to sleep effectlivley disabled night light mode from running on 1903, but not on 1809.

    somehow i think this is all connected, something in 1903 with night light mode is not working properly like it did in 1809.

    computer stats:

    Machine 1 (upgrade to 1903):

    32gb ram
    970 evo 1tb
    nvidia 2080 FE
    nivida driver 425.31
    monitor asus 32inch running at 75hz (non-gsync)
    Machine 2 (clean install to 1903):

    32gb ram
    970 pro 512gb
    evga 1080ti hybrid FTW3
    nivida driver 430.39
    monitor lg 31.5inch 144hz g-sync
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  5. dalchina's Avatar
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    Win 10 Pro (1903)

    massmatters said: View Post
    Thanks in advance for working on this fast-start bug in the night light. For the time being, I have turned off fast start, as night light is much more important. While you are fixing the bug, you should also redesign the night-light control panel because it absolutely absurd.
    It may be that I am the only one besides the idiot you let design the night-light control panel.
    @massmatters: Hi, I think you believe you are speaking to people who work for MS. Sorry, not true. The forum members are users like yourself, who experience the same frustrations.

    Please do feel free to vent your frustration using the Feedback Hub app, or via a genuine MS-run site. Thanks.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

    I have the exact same issue on my laptop, also on Nvidia gfx, 1903 build 18362.145
    I'm using external monitor and indeed a reboot solves it temporarily.
    Now we'll just have to wait for an official patch I guess.
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    What a cluster of foolishness!

    Bugs are bad enough. But bugs caused by a night light "feature"?
    Who's the bozo who thought that up?

    What's next?
    A desktop that toasts bread in the DVD slot?
    A laptop that sharpens my lawn mower blade?
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    Window 10

    Mooly said: View Post
    I think if it were that simple MS would have issued a definitive fix ages ago. Are Intel graphics a common factor I wonder.
    People with Nvidia cards are reporting the same behavior.
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    W10 pro x64 Skip Ahead + Edge Dev

    Thanks. I had wondered if it was just Intel... so apparently its more widespread.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 1903 Build 18362.53
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    fixed in newer insider builds
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