Windows 10: What would you like to see in Window 9?

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    Win7 Enterprize
       12 Oct 2013 #21

    A lot of small businesses & many large businesses have used XP & win7, but Vista & Win8 just do not seem to fit in. So Windows 9 needs a good version for business that don't work like a tablet or cell phone.
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  2.    12 Oct 2013 #22

    I know its supposed to be a new OS and all, but I am hoping for a Windows 7 theme like with a lot more customization options and a option for classic 7 start menu as well as metro start screen.
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  3.    13 Oct 2013 #23

    z3r010, post: 140, member: 1 said:
    Tell us what you would like to see in Windows 9

    For me...
    • A metro/modern UI off switch
    • A real start menu
    Those are my main gripes with Windows 8. I would also like a theme that is not flat and mono-colored. Seriously.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and VM
       13 Oct 2013 #24

    I think choice on install. If you are using a desktop it should ask if you would like the mobile experience. If you are installing on a computer with a battery it should ask the same thing, power users, corporate users a mobile desktop experience or touch screen phone system, or both. It should be possible to install a fully fledged aero based desktop for powerful laptops and desktops. For tablets it defaults to tablet OS but it should be an option to install the desktop experience if the machine is capable hardware wise with a separate mouse and keyboard. There should be a check box system menu on install and should you change your mind it could be reinstalled by going to the control panel and checking the boxes in the Windows Options. With machines having multiple hard drives (like Kari's Tutorial) Windows should be clever enough to stick the users personal files, pictures , music etc on separate drives again easily bypassed if you don't know or don't have the hardware. Of course support for the latest hardware and USB3.1 etc. Also I think it would not be hard for M$ to offer a "Windows 7 Experience Mode" or if you insist a "Windows 8.x Mode" for technically challenged users and deeper options for the geeks.
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    Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro Insider
       15 Oct 2013 #25

    I think everyone here has asked for choice and options. I can't agree more. I fail to see how a tablet OS will work on a desktop. I know I'm an old foggie and not into the new stuff, but I don't like things forced on me. Why can't Misrosoft go back to the slogan for Windows 7, 'Windows your way' instead of the windows 8 one of 'windows our way'. And, if I don't want all my windows IDs and services tied together, why not give that option. If you do want that and want everything in the cloud, give that as an option.
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    Windows 10 Pro
       15 Oct 2013 #26

    Essenbe, I am a very happy Windows 8.1 on a desktop user as I have told on SF and EF. I think my expectations regarding the next Windows are quite modest, a few things fine tuned and more customization options.

    BTW, I am very surprised there has been so little talk on the net about something that I think is a big user security issue on Windows 8, and which I would like to see Microsoft to change in next Windows. I do not like the way the Welcome screen shows full name and email address of each user who has a Microsoft Account on that computer.

    A real life story, according to the person who told it to me everything happened as she describes. Angie's goddaughter is a very attractive young woman (subjective opinion, I know :)). She travels mostly with train between her parents home in Leipzig and her own home in western Germany. She has a Windows 8 laptop with a Microsoft Account.

    Recently she started to get some quite disturbing emails. The perp keeps telling her how he felt they had a connection on train, sitting the 4 hour journey side by side, and how he is sure she must have felt the same.

    I advised her to report this to the police. Anyway, the only way how this perp has gotten the email address is he has seen and memorized it on her laptop's screen as she keeps watching movies on laptop during these train trips.
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    Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Pro Insider
       15 Oct 2013 #27

    Kari, I would obviously agree with you and didn't know that. I have Windows 8 on a laptop but rarely use it. But, I sign in locally and not with my microsoft account so was not aware of that. I would think it was very strange that Microsoft would do that.
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
       15 Oct 2013 #28

    I use Windows 8 on a Notebook and I've not seen that on it. The start screen just shows in the top corner a picture and my name, it doesn't show my email address at all.
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    Windows 10 Pro
       15 Oct 2013 #29

    Joan Archer, post: 1118, member: 14 said:
    I use Windows 8 on a Notebook and I've not seen that on it. The start screen just shows in the top corner a picture and my name, it doesn't show my email address at all.
    Please see the screenshots below, also read the text boxes. The thing described in first screenshot is IMO already a security risk, revealing the full name of each user, but the second screenshot shows the issue that worries me more.

    It's the same if you only have one user account or more, if the user account is a so called Microsoft Account the screen where user inputs the password always shows the full name of the user as set in Microsoft Account's profile settings as email sender name and this user's full Microsoft Account email address, as the screenshot above shows.

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    Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-bit
       15 Oct 2013 #30

    I only have one account on here and it's a Microsoft account and my machine boots straight to my Start Screen, mind you this machine is only used by me and doesn't leave the house.
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