What would you like to see in Window 9?

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    I started working at a gas station just after the first embargo hit. (In hose days most gas stations were full service 2 repair bay stations with hydraulic lifts. Not convenience stores with gas pumps.) People were angry at the price. But they were panicked they might not get gas to get to work.

    They were lining up before work, during lunch, and after work, topping off their tanks. I was filling tanks and the total coming to 56 cents or less. This created longer lines and more panic. People would not believe us when we said we had plenty of gas. I suggested to my boss we put out a sign $5.00 minimum purchase for gasoline. One or two people still faked us out with "fill her up" that came to less than $2. But when we posted that sign it convinced people the gas was in the ground. Within a couple of days the panic lines were gone. At least for that round of gas crisis at our station.

    That was a big turning point in my experience. The job I came from had a 4 day work week. It was becoming more common for people to work 4, 10 hour days and have a 3 day weekend every week. Many high volume gas stations were open 24 hours. Then Opec and Poof! The dream of a middle class life of leisure went up in fumes. :)
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    whs, post: 8531, member: 58 said:
    I bet they will split the desktop and mobile GUIs again. They got too much flack with 8 and are not selling. They are not that dumb.
    You sure about that? They were dumb enough to combine them in the first place. Keep in mind they have a "vision" (although I've never seen dung spelled that way before).
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    I would like to see a solution instead of this:

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  4. whs
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    Windows 7

    Looks like a real help,
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    David Bailey, post: 15246, member: 31 said:
    I would like to see a solution instead of this:

    Interesting indeed. There’s something I’ve noticed. Just to set up conditions and prerequisite for my post: Windows 8.1 Pro signing in with an admin account using my MS Live email. No other accounts. Everything boots up as default except for some changed colors, Lock Screen pic, and a few other native personalization changes. No 3rd party personalization programs. Bing Desktop installed which has a search box on the desktop. The only 3rd party I use is CCleaner, so basically it’s “pure Windows 8.1”.

    As you may know, I’m a big user and proponent of the Modern/Metro side of the OS. Use a lot of the Store apps and have been since 8RP. Admittedly a bit of a learning curve. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been training myself to use even more of the Modern/Metro side with hotkeys “WinKey + Q” (or if on the Start Screen > WinKey + S) which, as you probably know, brings up Modern/Metro Search bar in the “Everywhere” mode. I was using my Bing IE home page (Desktop IE) or the Bing Desktop search box, which opens the search results in Desktop IE Bing page, but have been using the Modern/Metro Search also and comparing them. Firstly what I like about it is that it opens up a “result page” that I can switch back and forth for reference so as to open other “IE result pages”. They open up tabs in the Immersive Modern/Metro IE for each search result, whereas performed in the Desktop IE one has to navigate back to the original result page. It also saves the previous tabs in Modern/Metro IE to do whatever I want with it, whereas on the desktop version it opens within the same tab.
    What I’ve noticed is that search results are sometimes a little different within the two versions of IE in comparing results within the two different methods. Could it be different parameters? I don’t know.

    What happened in your case, David, is that since you pushed a link within Windows Update it opened up the Desktop IE because Windows Update is a desktop program but what I’ve discovered is that your search was limited in that it only searched MS Support rather than “All Microsoft”. I’ll take it as a flaw in design? The link should open “All Microsoft”. My results are below.


    While on that page push "All Microsoft" to get this:


    Here is the result using the Modern/Metro Search box. [ATTACH=full]638[/ATTACH]
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    I've tried windows update on the desktop & metro & don't see anything like your screenshot.
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    Really?.....Hmmm. What do you mean by Windows Update on the metro? It will always open on the Desktop since it is a Win32 program or am I missing something?
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    HippsieGypsie, post: 15269, member: 99 said:
    Really?.....Hmmm. What do you mean by Windows Update on the metro? It will always open on the Desktop since it is a Win32 program or am I missing something?
    Here is a screenshot of windows update on metro:

    Here is windows defender after uninstalling Norton.
    Norton was the culprit.

    Things are fine now. :)
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    Norton was the culprit
    That has the be the biggest pain when booting up a new preloaded machine. Before you can get Norton off there's those few boots that gives it a chance to mess things up. Really annoying. Running the removal tool 3 or 4 times doesn't always get it all. You need to clean all the driver references out of the registry. Grrrrr.
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    I use Revo Uninstaller Pro.

    It searches for left over bits to remove.

    I use Revo to install with so it remembers all the bits & pieces to remove. :)
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