What would you like to see in Window 9?  

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    Windows 10 Home x64 21H2

    I'd like to see Seven with the under the hood improvements of Eight. I like to theme and customize. I want my PC to look good too. I have sufficient power to run my modifications.

    I want my PC and it's programs to be on my local machine, not in the cloud.

    I want to purchase something once if I desire to have a paid program, not a subscription where they can milk me every year.

    I want to have choices on appearance, functionality, etc. that suit MY needs, not Microsoft's.

    Quite simply, give me choice, not "our way or the highway"!

    A Guy
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    Robinb9, post: 261, member: 21 said:
    I would also like to see a way to secure the OS so there are few security updates
    This is microsoft we're talking about aha

    That being said if they can make a secure OS to begin with it'll help... Maybe recode it from the beginning rather than recycling old code? On second thought we'll probably end up waiting here for a long time if that happened
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    Windows 10 Professional x64

    I am hoping there will be a RC1 (with users feedback), I had this with Windows 7 and liked it :)
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    Win 7 64 Bit Utimate

    Was just going through this article. I guess it says all.

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    I would like to see :

    1-- Start menu
    2--The ability to tweak colors & scrollbars.
    3--A built in function that would generate full backup images of all local drives & all installed programs.
    Similar to Macrium Reflect only better.
    Backing up all installed programs to be a feature unto itself, so if you get a new operating system, you can install them fully functional.
    4-- The ability to do online repairs.If you need a .dll or have corruption,you run a troubleshooter & it gets what is needed to fix things from Microsoft online.
    5--Real help files with lots of screenshots.
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    Shadowjk, post: 318, member: 19 said:
    This is microsoft we're talking about aha

    That being said if they can make a secure OS to begin with it'll help... Maybe recode it from the beginning rather than recycling old code? On second thought we'll probably end up waiting here for a long time if that happened
    one can only dream right?
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    Windows 11 Pro x 2

    I would like to be able to use non Microsoft, corded/cordless game controllers with compatible games downloaded from the windows store that will work the same way as a compatible game you have installed on your PC.
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    W7 Pro x64 | W10 IP x64 | Linux Mint VM

    A few points that have already been touched on:

    • If Metro is part of 9, make it an optional download.
    • The Start menu of 7
    • Integrated Rainmeter
    • Aero
    • A free bottle of Glenfiddich for over ten years dedicated custom
    • Seriously, some recognition for being a paying dedicated customer for over ten years
    • No cloud
    • Online automated system support
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    Windows 10 Pro

    I would like to see (assuming the tiles are here to stay) more flexibility in customizing Start Screen tiles (more sizes, more live tile options, native tool for customizing tiles).

    And then one of the annoying Windows bugs (yes, IMO it really is a bug although Microsoft support tells me it's a feature): Since pre-historic versions of Windows it has been possible to not only resize the Taskbar, but also move it to left, right or top edges of the display instead of the default location at bottom. However, Microsoft's own UI team seems to be totally unaware about this option, as a lot of native Windows and Microsoft stuff still behave as if the only allowed location of the Taskbar would be at the bottom.

    I have always had my Taskbar at left, I really like it there. The following is based on my experience in using dual screen system, the right display being display 1 meaning the taskbar is located on the left edge of the right monitor.

    Some screenshots to show what I'm talking about. Please believe me, I have not moved any objects to get "better" screenshots, the behavior I'm describing is default.

    First, let's open a downloaded video by double clicking it, the native Windows Media Player being the default player for this file type. WMP will open like this, at top left corner:

    Sometimes it's totally screwed, splitting on two displays:

    It's not the WMP alone. In fact quite a many native Windows programs do not recognize Taskbar when it's not located in its default location at the bottom. Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection is one of them; drag the application window to top of the screen, it jumps to top left corner like here a Windows Phone Emulator vm:

    It is impossible to move this vm window to absolute top edge of the screen as it always jumps to this position when top is reached.

    BTW the Hyper-V on 8.1 quite often marks a new vm being created over 400 years ago, 1st of January year 1601:

    Really, how difficult it would be to fix this all, to let Windows recognize when Taskbar is not at default location or has been resized?

    Some other funny stuff: Install Microsoft Office 2013 on your Microsoft Windows 8 rig, then launch the Microsoft IE browser. You get a warning:

    When you check which add-ons have been disabled, you will be surprised. It's the Microsoft ones:

    Did you notice in the screenshot above that IE does not recognize the publisher of two of the Microsoft add-ons?

    Small things, I know, but annoying.

    Redmond geeks, fix these on Windows 9.

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    Karl, maybe you should get a job with Microsft
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