What would you like to see in Window 9?

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    I dont see where MS is forcing anyone to conform.
    The Windows installed base is the 500 LB gorilla. That's why for a long time now many Linux distros come with installers that assume Windows is already on the machine. I guess you can call that "keeping up" but to me it's semantic. If you want your OS to go on new PCs you can put it on when you sell the PC or add it to a Windows PC. If the latter then MS has the leash and the OS has the ring through its nose.

    Edit: when I mentioned "conform" actually I was thinking in terms of conforming to a standard. I guess I had a flashback to MS anti-trust behavior of yesteryear. :) Standards don't usually happen accidentally. Phone jack ethernet cable connector etc.. So in that vein I guess "keeping up" is on target. C/C++ programming language would not be standardized unless all the heavies got involved. Although after a few kitchen sinks were added on,
    Bjarne Stroustrup himself probably doesn't recognize much of it. :)
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    One thing I would like to see is an end to the "hide the settings" game. Every release I have to search the web for the treasure map to open Control Panel, Administrative Tools etc..

    It gets old.
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    So true, especially with Windows 8. There is control panel and then the hide and seek Metro customization settings. Also the settings in the charms bar can vary depending on what App is open on the window you launch the charms bar from. It took me a while to get a handle on that.
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    It took me a while to get a handle on that.
    If it wasn't for the tutorials here I'd be sunk. Now I hit Winkey-q and type my search string, then click willy-nilly until something good happens. I wish I could buy stock in Trial and Error(a great name for a law firm) because it comes through for me so often. :)
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    I have grown to love the Hyper-V hypervisor included in 8 / 8.1 Pro, I would like to see it being a part of every edition of 9.

    As a multilingual Windows user I welcomed the decision to give language packs to every edition of Windows 8, this is also something I am expecting to see on Windows 9. With Vista and Seven you needed Ultimate or Enterprise edition to get language packs, Eight made it possible for users of the basic Windows 8 to install and use any language.

    As a fan of cloud storage I also would like to see a Windows 9 edition which included a bigger SkyDrive, for those who do not already previously subscribe additional SkyDrive storage or would like to add up to existing SkyDrive. If Windows 9 Pro would cost X Euro, let Windows 9 Pro SkyDrive 100 GB Edition cost X + 50 plus an annual 20 to renew SkyDrive subscription, and Windows 9 Pro SkyDrive 200 GB Edition cost X + 80 and 30 to renew, just to give an example of what I mean.

    I would jump in to this kind of offer immediately.

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    make the metro screen optional on PCs only. For tablets it is ok but not for pcs. Put back the Windows 7 Start Menu on PCs only.
    I like the look for a tablet for both, but not for the PC
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    Robinb9, post: 14128, member: 21 said:
    make the metro screen optional on PCs only. For tablets it is ok but not for pcs. Put back the Windows 7 Start Menu on PCs only.
    I like the look for a tablet for both, but not for the PC
    To start, the Start Screen is already optional. You simply select 8.1 to boot to desktop and that's it.

    That being said, I consider myself as quite experienced Windows user and as such would no longer like to use a Windows OS without Start Screen and apps. It is so flexible, innovative and extremely fast and easy to use with mouse and keyboard (I have nor do I intend to buy touch screens).

    Screenshot: "Multitasking" Start Apps on 1600*900 and 1920*1080 dual display system, my usual Start View when booting up first time in the mornings. News, Twitter and / or Facebook, Seven Forums, Nine Forums. I just love how it works.

    Better viewed in a new tab.
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    Most ppl who own a pc do not have touch, as i do like the metro screen for a tablet, given that the touch screen monitor is still so expensive for the average user to purchase, the metro screen sucks without touch. If prices come down to $150 or less for a touch screen good monitor then my opinion will change. Now it is very frustrating to get around the metro screen especially going back and forth on the slider with a mouse and even on the desktop if you accidentally move your mouse to the bottom right corner the charms bar pops out and one finds themself back at the metro screen and really did not want to be there
    Connect a non touch laptop to a projector like i do at my seminars and you want to pull your hair out, connect a touch one and it is a whole new ballgame.
    Laptop touch has come down in price, when i bought my laptop, touch laptops were way too pricey for me and i needed 8 to show at my seminars so i had no choice, but i do not like it non touch. And not ready to replace it because it is only 1 1/2 years old. But monitors have not come down in price, most want a 22+ wide screen and you cannot touch a good one for under $300. I cannot see businesses who have 6 or more computers running out and purchasing new computers with touch screen unless they are a big business.
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    Robinb9, post: 14149, member: 21 said:
    the metro screen sucks without touch.
    I very strongly disagree, plain and simple.

    Although not having touch screens, I have tested them enough. The Start Screen is, at least for me, much more precise, easier and faster to use with a good wheel mouse than with touch.
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    Well you are entitled to your opinion as well as i am to mine
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