What would you like to see in Window 9?

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    True....but that dough get's spent on the kids and grandkids' gadgets and gizmos.

    And, if they really were smart about it (M$) they would leave our Windows 7 alone because we were all weened on Windows UI with minor changes since Windows 95.

    So to me, the reality of marketing the younger generation is tell-tale by callously dumping Windows 8/8.1 on us creaky old Curmudgeons! ompous:
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    I think it's widely accepted that MS wants the same GUI across platforms, thus the new look. What would have been better IMHO is an improved native sync ability so people could easily sync amongst their devices.

    While the attraction of having a unified look throughout all devices is obvious, the limitation of mobile devices makes it necessary to change the desktop GUI to mimic the mobile GUI. This is where most of our angst comes from.

    This basic, touch oriented GUI is just not suitable for most desktop usage. But since the growth is in mobile devices, whether used by teens or not, that is where we are being pushed.

    While the obvious solution to us is a choice, apparently MS thinks if there is choice, there will not be a unified look. Just separate the two and let people choose what to use. Too simple for them to grasp apparently.

    Assuming the mobile users are who will be buying their OS. Makes no sense, as they are buying mobile devices...makes you want to scream!

    A Guy
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  3. whs
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    Windows 7

    I bet they will split the desktop and mobile GUIs again. They got too much flack with 8 and are not selling. They are not that dumb.
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    Well today, well I got the email yesterday, I've doubled my Skydrive storage. I'm now allowed 45GB, well I'd got 25 but just been given another 20 for a year.
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    Microsoft already has a operating system with auto fix. They call them tablets with Windows 8.
    When they break you just throw them away and get another one. (The Fix)
    We know the finger print users don't know and don't want to know anything but poke and go.
    These kind of people would have to pay someone to repair them. The cost of repair would be more than just getting another one. PGBR (Poke and Go/Broke/Replace).
    Just mail them to this address for replacement.

    99 SUCKER ST.
    attention PGBR
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  6. whs
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    Windows 7

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    Dual boot Windows 10 FCU Pro x 64 & current Insider 10 Pro

    Obviously 8 was too drastic a change for old dinosaurs who didnít like the new way of opening desktop programs, so they revised it in 8.1. Configure boot to desktop and to use All Apps instead of Start Screen. Don't like that? > Then use Taskbar menus: http://www.sevenforums.com/news/2735...ml#post2306780. Yet not enough? > Use 3rd party.

    Whatever one performed in 7 and previous so far as ďproductionĒ goes, one can continue performing in 8.x using mouse and keyboard without touch. Office Pro 2013 runs just fine on the Desktop along with any other 3rd party Win32 programs including CADs, photo editors, etc.

    I take it some donít like the benefit of receiving important personal info in record time so far as "consumption" goes: http://www.eightforums.com/general-s...erses-7-a.html. Thatís OK > You can still perform it the old way.
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    WTP x64

    Well I'm an old dinosaur and I personally find Win8/8.1 as easy and productive as Win7 and my PC is older than me in terms of technology !!!!
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    Windows 10 IoT

    Dito, another old dinosaur here, for my day to day stuff I have no problem using 8.1. After using it for a while I don't miss the old Start Menu. My only complaint is some of the settings accessed though the charms bar are buried a little deep and hard to find. It kind of reminds me of the Windows 7 start menu.
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    I have made a few tweaks to make W8 look more like W7, because that is my preference. I was just glad they were available. But I also remember doing the very same thing to make W7 more like XP, when 7 first came out as well. In fact, I don't recall a single instance of any OS, whether Windows or Linux that came "out of the box" exactly to my liking.
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