Windows Explorer: Have each folder retain its size, position, settings

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    Windows Explorer: Have each folder retain its size, position, settings

    Windows Explorer: Have each folder retain its size, position, settings

    I do recall that in previous versions of windows one of the features was the ability to customize a folder including background art. The folder would remember where it was, what size it was, and what individual settings it had like the size of icons or if it was in display mode with the columns.

    Now, whenever I change any option in any folder, like changing the size, it will use the same option when opening a completely different folder. I tried with 'open each folder in a separate window', same thing.

    It does seem to remember the icon settings, but i've experienced having it change the size of the icons on me.

    I just tried it again and it is remembering the icon settings. Some folders open in 'details', others in icons.

    So that is good, but i specifically want it to remember the size and shape of the window. All the folders open into the size and shape of the window you last closed.

    How can i make it so each folder remembers its OWN size and shape? (and hopefully also position)

    - - - Updated - - -

    now it has reset my folders to show 'details' instead of large icons
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Home

    The code and settings that remembered individual folder window size and position are gone (along with the ability to set an arbitrary icon order as opposed to sorting on a property). I think this disappeared in the transition from XP to Vista.
    However, your view mode (Details, List, Icons, etc.), column choices, and sort order should be remembered for individual folders. If they aren't, it's possible you've reached the limit (5000) for saved views. To check, copy & paste the following command into a PowerShell window:
    ((gp 'HKCU:\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\BagMRU').NodeSlots).count
    If you've reached the max, you'll need to delete all saved views by deleting these two registry keys:
    HKCU:\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\BagMRU
    HKCU:\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags
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    that really is too bad
    i mean, really quite stupid
    some information i got somewhere earlier directed me to delete those keys; i haven't rebooted yet, though
    thanks for the explanation, it hadn't said why, i just went ahead and did it anyway, frustrated at poor microsoft and their feeble minds

    - - - Updated - - -

    i don't suppose there is an alternative to ms windows explorer that has the features i want?

    - - - Updated - - -

    so, how could they do this? i think they are confused about the large pixel size of todays screens, so many combinations, possible positions, how can we save them all? so many folders, blah blah
    break it down into tens, ten different horizontal and vertical selections for saving screens
    so 100 combinations
    a file folder gets assigned a number from 1 to 100, so each folder has a special code that says x=59 or whatever
    another number for horizontal and vertical size, 10 options up ten options to the right, 100 total configurations for file folder size and shape, upper left is the position, lower right is the size/shape number, so that means
    each folder file has a variable given to it, x=59, y=79 or whatever, pretty much nothing to add on to your file structure parameters, etc.
    same for icon/details listing, etc. options 1 through 10, so a third number...
    so to achieve what they had already achieved before each file folder must have 3 variables associated with it, each with only up to 2 decimal places each
    oh my
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    Windows 10 Pro

    My understanding is that the features you desire weren't much used, added considerable complexity, and got in the way of other features. And I suspect the methods used did not scale well to the large numbers of files in modern drives.

    Such features could be implemented in third party programs but I have not seen this, and I have used quite a few of them. These programs tend to be designed for power users who generally have even less interest in these features.
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    i don't believe that
    what i believe is that they want their program to be a pain in the butt to use
    psychologist tell them that a little irritation leads to relief, without it there is no cascade of dopamine and no addiction cycle
    facebook can tell you this, smartphone, google, apple... they all use these psych techniques of carrot and stick, or rather stick then carrot
    first they make their program a pisser in some way, such as removing helpful things like folder customization, which is exactly insignificant to code in, and then they give you a carrot, like using windows apps instead of your own apps you prefer, which means you don't have to go to file explorer to open your app or whatever, you just say 'hey cortana'
    this allows them to bombard you with more ads
    etc etc
    psycho-social insanity
    but anyway, these things are really just in your imagination and don't exist in reality
    you will go to bed and wake up and think whatever you want to think
    the real answer is to just not use windows, except for games
    there are versions of linux that can run within windows, or install alongside in the same partition.
    it seems there really is no hope for windows because they are owned by the same bunch that owns everything else
    i resent your bs answer and your insinuation of yourself into this thread with your negativity
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    20H2 64 Bit Pro

    Maybe test this. You'd need to add various addons and configure them.

    Windows Explorer: Have each folder retain its size, position, settings-tablacus-explorer.jpg
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    Microsoft Windows 10 Home

    "Ours is not to wonder why..."

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    for some reason i had not considered just using a different file manager, i mean looking for one anyway
    so, this tablacus is a little old, like 2 years, but worth a try, and so i went to and looked at tablacus and some others
    will 'explore' my options, lol
    so the answer is no, windows explorer is just 'out'
    cmon windows, step up ur game, shizz be buggy and unresponsive
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    20H2 64 Bit Pro

    jamvaru said:
    so, this tablacus is a little old, like 2 years, but worth a try
    It's constantly updated. Configuration and getting the right addons might be problematic.

    Tablacus Explorer Changelog

    It took me around one month to get used to it and set up the way I like.

    It does remember folder view settings (per folder) with the right addon.
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    20H2 64 Bit Pro

    Windows Explorer: Have each folder retain its size, position, settings-tablacus-explorer-update.jpg

    Windows Explorer: Have each folder retain its size, position, settings-tablacus-explorer-addons.jpg

    There's an addon available to update addons when updating the program.
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