revovery usb disk vs system repair disk vs system image

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    windows 10 home Ver 1809

    revovery usb disk vs system repair disk vs system image

    Hi Guys

    Scenario: if system is unable to boot, windows corrupted ,crashed completely.

    1. Could you please clarify the difference between the Usb recovery disk and system repair disk created by the windows 10.
    And if I have my system image created already the do I really need these two disks as I mentioned above or system image created by windows is enough to reboot and recover your image. What is the difference between recovery disk and system repair disk?

    2. If I create system image using third party software, then do you have to create repair disk or recovery disk via the same software as well, or the system image from third party software is enough to reboot and recover your full system as it is.
    3.Does system image itself is safe or you must have the recovery disk as well, please clarify.
    I heard that some version of windows have problems in restoring the image if created by windows 10, my version is 1809.
    At the moment I have got system image created by windows 10 and usb recovery disk.
    Also I have got system image and recovery usb disk created by Macrim 7 software as well.
    Both windows 10 created image and macrim image on the same external HD.
    So please advise what will be the correct method to keep everything safe and can I add other images to external HD on which I already had the image saved. Can I keep other data on the drive as well the images, will that interfere in case I need to restore image from this external HD.

    Please advise on this as I am confused with all these options.
    I had bad experience recently where my windows were corrupted , I tried to use recovery manager options that came with my hp laptop , it couldn’t work and it deletes everything on my pc so I have to do fresh install windows 10 recently as my system crashed and I had no recovery disk available and the recovery partition in the system didn't work either and then have to install all the other software again, luckily I had my personal data backed up already.

    So I don’t want to go through that bad experience again and looking for a safe method to restore the whole image if this thing happens again and I won’t be able to boot and recover the system.


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    1) A system recovery usb only recovers OS not programs. A system image backup recovers everything.

    2) The Windows image backup is a deprecated feature and not that reliable.

    3) Macrium Reflect is very reliable. You need a recovery usb drive as well as the image.

    4) Macrium Reflect has a feature where you can create a boot heading to boot to it without using the recovery drive. However, you still need the recovery drive in case hard drive fails.

    5) A Macrium Reflect Image is just a file and can be stored along with older images and any other data.
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    a. Don't rely on Windows backup features- 3rd party programs are more reliable. MS recommends using them.
    b. Use disk imaging routinely - many here use Macrium Reflect (free) - has its own bootable medium. Free/commercial for more features and forum access.
    c. Disk imaging means you have both a full backup - can extract files- and can rebuild a system disk if that fails and you need a new one.
    d. System Restore is great- if it works when restoring (it often doesn't). It doesn't protect user data.
    e. Depending on the intervals between creating differential or incremental disk images, you may wish to use another backup solution e.g. synchronised backup for fast-changing critical personal files.
    f. If you have a current disk image of all the partitions created by Windows when it is installed, you can potentially even use these in moving to another PC.
    g. Keep your image files separate from your PC and off-line. (Think viruses, theft, flood...)
    h. A Win 10 install disk offers e.g. Startup Repair. Macrium Reflect's boot disk has useful Fix boot utility.
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    Thanks Guys for your advice, I normally don't keep any personal data files in my pc as they are always stored on external HD.

    I will keep the Macrim image on external HD and macrim recovery USB in case of hard drive failure or if the windows is gone corrupt and to restore the disk image and to get all my programs back rather to install from the start.
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    Consider automating Reflect backups by scheduling routine backups
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