Searching range of dates; a nightmare

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    Searching range of dates; a nightmare

    I am trying to find photos taken between two dates, following various advices. They could be located in more than one position.
    From the forementioned advice I am choosing to insert in the search box
    datetaken:dd/mm/yyyy .. dd/mm/yyyy
    . However, even though I know such pictures exist, nothing is found.

    Ideas, please. :)
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    Hi, this works for me, for example:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snap 2019-03-24 at 15.09.32.png 
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    Note- date taken must be specified in the field I've highlighted in the Properties sheet.

    Other image files in that test folder have dates in other years.

    This, as specified in Advanced Query Syntax reference doc.
    Advanced Query Syntax - Windows applications | Microsoft Docs
    (which is incomplete and old)
    also works:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snap 2019-03-24 at 15.17.20.png 
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    - but note that's date, not datetaken

    This is what you seek:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Snap 2019-03-24 at 15.18.52.png 
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    It works if, after the first date, you type .. and then with no spaces the 2nd date.

    Curiously, you get a clear prompt and calendar box for the first date, but none for the second.

    In your case you have spaces around the ..

    I also can't tell where your search box is - what it belongs to.
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    You can type something like this in the search field:

    datemodified:(>YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm .. <YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm)

    For example to find files modified between 10/03/2019 Hour 15:30 and 17/03/2019 Hour 10:00:

    datemodified:(>2019-03-10 15:30 .. <2019-03-17 10:00)
    To find pictures only in that same date range:

    datemodified:(>2019-02-10 15:30 .. <2019-03-17 10:00) kind:picture
    datemodified:(>2019-02-10 .. <2019-03-17) kind:picture
    * If your Windows is not in English you can change the tags "datemodified" and "Kind" to the equivalent of your Windows language. For me (Portuguese-Brazil) it would be "datademodificação" and "espécie" or you can use the english version but have to add "system." in front of each tag:

    system.datemodified:(>2019-03-10 15:30 .. <2019-03-17 10:00) system.kind:picture
    * You don't have to especify the hours
    * Instead of ".." you can also use "AND" between the dates
    * Instead of YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm you can use your local date format ex: DD/MM/YYYY hh:mm:ss

    If you want to make a log with a listing of all files that were created or modified between two dates you can acomplish this with robocopy:

    Let's say you want a log with all the pictures created or modified between the dates of 10/03/2019 and 17/03/2019 in your e: drive and save the log on your desktop:

    1. Open a comand prompt and type something like this:

    robocopy E: %temp% /ndl /ts /nc /fp /njh /njs /ns /e /tee /L /maxage:20190310 /minage:20190317 *.jpg *.gif *.png *.bmp /log:%userprofile%\desktop\10-03__17-03.txt
    /ndl -> No Directory Listing
    /ts -> Time stamp
    /nc -> No Classes
    /fp -> Use Full Paths
    /njh -> No Job Header
    /njs -> No Job Summary
    /ns -> No Sizes
    /e -> Includes subfolders including Empty
    /tee -> Shows listing on screen and saves the log
    /L -> Listing only (If you don't use this robocopy will actually copy the files to %temp%
    /maxage -> The maxage that files should have to be included
    /minage -> The minimum age that files should have to be included
    /Log -> The path to the log file
    *.jpg *.gif *.png *.bmp -> restrict the search to this files
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    If you use the File explorer search box you can type in
    and a calendar control appears so you can just select the range of dates you want.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	File explorer search box - DateTaken.png 
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    You may notice afterwards that the File explorer enters your selection in the syntax
    datetaken:20/03/2019 .. 27/03/2019
    and there is nothing to stop you typing it in that way yourself but using the Calendar control to do this avoids typos.

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    Were all saved as jpg? or were some tif, png or gif?
    Was the date used in the save as?
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    Thanks for your quick reply. I have had some problems interpreting it, and had thought from other examples spaces were needed before and after the periods, but no matter since I located the ones wanted by doing a simple search between 2 dates.
    Thank you for the info on where to place the kind filter and other info. @Try3.
    How did you select dates? I assume by holding down Control>copy and dragging. What happens if dates run over month ends?
    Once again thanks for all your help. Now it’s time to sort out, which of several versions I want.
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    How did you select dates? I assume by holding down Control>copy and dragging. What happens if dates run over month ends?
    Just click & hold down as you drag across the desired dates. If you drag over the end of the month you see the next month appear automatically but this happens very quickly and you can easily get yourself three months ahead before you've even blinked.

    Just in case it's needed - it is not a Kind filter. A Kind filter is not the same. Enter Kind: in the File explorer search box and you will see a special dropdown list appear [that might also be useful for other picture searches you might do in the future].

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    there is a indexing program called "everything" that works for me. It takes time to index all files but after you can set search
    parameters just for photos. and get the results in seconds. You can also click on date and reorganize the results.
    You can find it at
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    thomaseg1, Nice. I planned to suggest the same software and was waiting for a reply to post #5.
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    Can you confirm Everything is able to search on the basis of 'datetaken' metadata- not just date?
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