Windows 10: Why I Upgraded to My Lovely Windows 10

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    You can say that W10 was built for "dummies" but I rather think of it that they built it for the average home user (for the home edition). Sure there are things missing from my Home edition of W7 that I did use every now and then, but I'll get over it eventually. My personal preference is that you don't take away, you add which is not the case with W10 in some areas.

    I think Power Users are more likely to have a dislike for it since many of these functions that people talk about I haven't looked at in ages if ever and I've been using computers of one sort or another since about 1983-84 so I've dug in well into most OS but am now more of the average home user that uses the computer for general type stuff. Documents, gaming, internet, work documents, keeping track of apointments etc. I think for that, Microsoft has done a decent job (other than Edge, the bare bones browser and not ready for primetime) for the average home user. But even though I don't dislike it, I'm not in love with it either. If it gave me more choices to change it's appearance without having to pay a 3rd party to put a skin on it, I'd probably be happier with it.

    When I first booted it, I sort of liked it's broody look but the more I looked at it, I thought this is just depressing, it could really do with some sort of built in theme that will let me make it feel more cheerful.

    But yeah, overall, not hating it, but not loving it either but it is doing what I need it to do, allow me to run programs on my computer and I was able to upgrade and not lose any data and it seems to have fully upgraded. Other than a problem of the Nvidia drivers not being able to install over the W7 drivers that were installed but not telling me when I tried to update my drivers but that was only a momentary thing to figure out what was going on and not sure that I'd put blame on Redmond for that.
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    Tonyb said: View Post
    i rather like Win 10 and the way it runs , i have not had a hiccup from it , i have however had a hiccup with the win 10 drivers for nvidia card i see they crash and recover sometimes but i don't see a difference when they do, so as long as it don't change my screen i don't care.
    Yes, several folks seem to have problems with the nVidia card. Hopefully that will be ironed out soon.
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  3.    05 Aug 2015 #23

    OldGuyGeek said: View Post
    Just found this reference that claims to fix the ExpressCache problem.
    Thanks for your reply.

    I did come across that info yesterday and if I was running a Lenovo product I probably be inclined to try it and if my HP desktop was already running W-10 I would definitely try it but the thing is, ScanDisk has officially acknowledged there is a compatibility problem so it wouldn't be very logical to move my desktop from 8.1 to W-10 and face the possibility of an array of other issues just to test a possible solution to one known problem. I have my laptop converted from 8.1 to W-10 so can have all the exposure I want to the new OS but there is no rush to convert my desktop and by the time the ReadyCache issue is solved the W-10 download will likely be better anyway.

    For Anyone Interested, there is another thread running dedicated to this problem.
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    I came here just to say that Windows 10 is very good, and I like it :)

    Wynona said: View Post
    Folks, I'd like to ask one favor of all of you . . .

    When posting about Windows 10's strengths and inadequacies, please don't use terms like "pathetic", "ridiculous", etc. It's not necessary and adds nothing to a post. When someone who is satisfied with Windows 10 reads something like the above, it puts them on the defensive and makes them react negatively.

    I would rather read a statement that says, "Expresscache does not work with W-10. That's a deal killer for me." The OP gave a problem and without rancor, stated it was a "deal killer". A statement like this makes me wish to help if I can.
    Well, maybe I lied a little, because what Wynona said this comment, would be good for everyone to internalize (is that right word?) Constructive questions and constructive criticism, then you will get much better answers. :)
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    Nobody said: View Post
    I came here just to say that Windows 10 is very good, and I like it :)

    Well, maybe I lied a little, because what Wynona said this comment, would be good for everyone to internalize (is that right word?) Constructive questions and constructive criticism, then you will get much better answers. :)
    Thanks, Nobody; I'm renaming you to Somebody. :)

    Y'know, my mama always told me I could catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Thing is, I could never figure out why she thought I'd want to cacth flies. :)
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       05 Aug 2015 #26

    Very Nicely written Wynona , great job and factual +1
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       05 Aug 2015 #27

    Gary said: View Post
    Very Nicely written Wynona , great job and factual +1
    Thanks, Gary.
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    Wynona said: View Post
    I would really like to hear (see) more about the Windows Update issue; why do you think it's inadequate, etc.
    I am a power user - a prosumer at home and an IT professional at work. Regardless of what kind of OS I use, I want to have good control over how the system behaves, interacts and sets up itself. And by 'good control' I mean having appropriate tools at hand, instead of relying mostly on tricks, hacks, scripts and other low-level solutions. I don't want routine administrative tasks to consume my productive time.

    As we speak of Windows Update (a.k.a. Microsoft Update), in Win7 Pro it is an end-to-end, integrated package that is a single point of control over all three keys - What, When and How, not only for Windows but also for all supported MS applications. Good thing is that MSE/Defender can update itself in the background even if automatic updates are disabled at WU level.

    In Windows 10 the only control I am given is when to schedule a restart after all queued updates are applied. If I want to choose when to download updates (as it affects overal system performance) I have to use administrative policies. Okay, it does the trick, but why limit the original functionality in the first place? What is the real justification?

    Another issue is how each individual update is presented and controlled (or rather uncontrolled). There is virtually no description (why? there's enough room on screen to show at least basic information on the update) and no option to deselect the package from installation. Gone is the classification of 'important' and 'optional' that let me discard most of the optionals. After many complaints from Insiders, MS came up with merely a prosthetic in the form of a troubleshooter plugin. Again, why? Controling updates is not a trouble, so there should be no troubleshooter but a regular user interface. If there was not enough time to migrate this part to the modern Settings, why wasn't it kept as part of legacy Control Panel? The diagcab tool seems to be a quick and dirty solution to a self-created problem. I consider it unprofessional, especially that the tool does not work reliably.
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       07 Nov 2015 #29

    Dispite what people are saying Windows 10 is awesome sauce compared to what came before it. Believe me before I got my ENVY I had a gateway for 5 years with a very ugly Windows Vista on it.
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