Over the last several days we've been bombarded with articles about how extensive Windows 10's collection of user data is. I've even had long discussions about it with friends, some who are on Windows and others who are on Mac. Of course my Mac friend said what I expected him to say: "Apple doesn't do that!"

That got me thinking. Does Apple or Google collect similar data, and I believe the answer is yes. Here's the difference though. Apple and Google do it through their mobile platforms (iOS and Android) since those OS's are separate from their OS X and ChromeOS OS's. Windows 10 is unifying their computer and mobile OS's under one unified system, so I wonder if that might be where the confusion is.

I don't think Microsoft is doing anything different than Apple or Google, it's just it's not exclusive to a phone since the OS covers all Windows-based systems. And that's where Microsoft is getting called out on the privacy/spying issue. I don't think it's being done for malicious reasons, it's just so Cortana can improve in understanding your questions better, or giving better results, or targeting ads that might be of interest to you, the same as Siri and Google.

Does this seem logical?