Hi everyone. I was wondering what would be the best way to set up a clean install windows 10 machine to allow for methods of repairing it in the case of being unable to login. I have had windows 7 computer not being able to boot in to windows due to specific programs and in the past I have been able to access system restore, repair and command prompt from f8. Having that option is a piece of mind. I know that windows 8 and 10 have this disabled and only allow you to access these features after you boot into windows. I tried accessing system restore from a recovery usb and the windows 10 installation disc that I created and both times when I selected system restore it said that a operating system version was not selected and I would have to reboot and select one. There is never an option to select this. I have Ubuntu installed but only in a virtualbox so I don't think that it would affect it. Thanks for any recommendations.