C:\boot missing Solved

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  1.    29 Dec 2018 #11

    Now I have the same problem with my wife's computer after an update yesterday. I am going to try the commands NavyLCDR suggested.
    sel dis 0
    sel par 1
    del par override
    cre par EFI
    for fs=FAT32 quick
    assign letter=T
    bcdboot C:\Windows /s T: /f ALL

    Then reboot the computer.

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  2.    29 Dec 2018 #12

    Now I have the same issue on my wife's computer.
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  3.    29 Dec 2018 #13

    The steps I gave were for the partitions you listed for your computer. Make sure the system partition is partition 1 on your wife's computer before you delete it! sel par 1 is short for select partition 1. Make sure you are selecting the small system partition!
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  4.    29 Dec 2018 #14

    The boot partition is partition 1 on my wife's PC. When I listed her partitions, partition 1 came back as PRIMARY so when I did the create partition I did it as primary, not EFI. When I was done I rebooted and got
    No bootable device: insert boot disk and press any key
    I had installed Macrium on my PC and had created a bootable DVD and was able to rebuild the boot partition using the
    Fix Windows boot problems
    But then I was back to the spinning dots.
    I am in the process of backing her data up and then doing a reinstall of windows, which fixed my PC.
    If you have any other suggestions I could try I would be happy to try them.
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  5.    29 Dec 2018 #15

    NavyLCDR thank you for all your help. My wife's computer is an older model and did not come with Windows 10 so the restore loaded Windows Vista. Now I need to find a way to get it back to Windows 10. more research, love it.
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  6.    29 Dec 2018 #16

    raygo1975 said: View Post
    NavyLCDR thank you for all your help. My wife's computer is an older model and did not come with Windows 10 so the restore loaded Windows Vista. Now I need to find a way to get it back to Windows 10. more research, love it.
    Then the computer would be legacy BIOS with an MBR partitioned hard drive. In order for the list of commands I gave to work, you would have had to use:
    cre par pri

    instead of cre par EFI
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  7.    29 Dec 2018 #17

    just going to buy a new computer, that one is too old to spend any more time on it.
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  8.    4 Weeks Ago #18

    THANK YOU, NavyLCDR!! You saved a few years of my life (which I would have lost due to excess stress if your instructions didnt work for me).

    I was stuck with Win 10 blue screen on boot up - Recovery, error 0xc000000e, and unable to use bootrec (as instructed on How to fix error 0xc000000e on Windows 10). This was after an MSI Backup installation!! Why wouldnt a backup include the EFI System files+?

    Any ways, not sure if you have the time but I have been trying to complete a clean install of Win 10 on my new M.2 NVME SSD. My RUFUS generated bootable Win10 ISO file was unable to make partitions on the SSD (failed installs), I even created two primary GPT partitions on the SSD and loaded the bootable ISO directly on one drive to hopefully install on the SSD directly (bypass any USB/HD install issues). I was only able to install Win 10 on the SSD when the HD was connected but of course the EFI system and MSR files were loading from the HD (never written on the SSD). Couldn't rebuild the missing two system partitions on the SSD and then my HD stopped booting altogether.

    So now, I have decided to migrate/clone my HD OS to the SSD and see if everything can run without the HD. Hopefully to then convert the HD to DATA storage.

    I would like a better backup which would include all system partitions so I can do fast reliable recoveries - any suggestions?

    Also, do you think it's still worthwhile attempting a clean install on the SSD directly? I was thinking that I could migrate the OS and then force a clean reinstall/reset on the OS on the SSD to eliminate bloatware? I just wanted to maximize the performance of the system from day one, get a few benchmarks and backups and then see how the system functions over time. So even after any new APPS are added I would have progressive backups and benchmarks to understand impacts of various applications and/or tweaks. Do you think a RESET operation on a migrated Win 10 would be "clean enough" (I mean, I just need a relatively high degree of certainty for success as the "new clean install" on the SSD was unsuccessful) ? Thanks for any input - I'm just exhausted.
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  9.    4 Weeks Ago #19

    Are you sure your computer supports booting from NVME? The BIOS/UEFI has to support it. If it doesn't, in order to boot from the SSD, the SSD must be the SATA/AHCI type, not NVME to be bootable.
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  10.    4 Weeks Ago #20

    Thanks for taking an interest! I am not 100% certain my MSI Config can boot from the NVMe but apparently from the MSI forum, the MSI GL62M 7RD can boot from M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs (Can I use an NVMe drive on my MSI GL62M 7RD? states 'According to MSI's storage device document, the answer is "Yes"'). Though there is the caveat "can be a bit tricky to configure as a boot drive" . There is suppose to be "plenty of info on the Internet" but the hard part for me has been "getting it done". I think cloning is my best shot at it - just following migration instructions. Thanks again.
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